Things you’d wish you knew before seeking help of mental health counseling

The first time you parked your car near the office of a therapist, you definitely had no idea about what you’re going to get. The only idea that you had were what you saw in the movies like Equus and Good Will Hunting where counseling was portrayed in a positive light. This is the reason behind people being sceptical about whether or not it could be a waste of money and time. After chatting with the online therapists and online guides like  e-counseling, people who were responsible and the therapy-goers, it can be concluded that people who choose e-therapy feel in a similar way before committing to the therapy.

The impact of therapy is different on different people but there are several misconceptions and myths which aren’t true and which keep people from receiving the advantages that they have. Here are few things which you wish you’d knew before seeking help of e-counseling or online therapy.

It’s not that easy to receive therapy

Before we start discussing on this point, it has to be mentioned that the NHS is underfunded heavily, so much so that it is almost hopeless as long as mental health is concerned. An individual will truly realize the significance and meaning of mental health crisis when he has been on CBT, that too on the waiting list, waiting to be treated for depression. Once you go there, you realize that in case you miss a session because you’re too depressed, you will be discharged. In case you require long-term access and you’re suffering from chronic mental illness and you need help of a therapist, it is tough enough to get one.

You should be shopping around for someone who will work in your favor

Therapists are after all people and people may get irritating at times. It is not always necessary that you will prefer your therapist actively unless you’re involved in a really professional relationship. Would you ever invite them to birthday parties? Bet you wouldn’t! Make sure you find them agreeable enough and that you like their approach so that you can start believing in what the therapist tells you. While you may come across few therapists who are overtly empathetic, there are some others who are strong enough and won’t talk to you personally.

Get over the fact that you need them to like you

It’s human nature that people love it when others like them. Are you a people pleaser too who seems to respond too well to any kind of praise? If answered yes, you will always be waiting for receiving content from your therapist which is also agreeable. You might always be worried about whether or not you’re boring the therapist or whether you’re making him angry over something. Try and get over this feeling.

Therefore, before seeking help of a professional mental health counselor, you should always go through a mental health guide or a book on mental health so that you know which way you can be directed by your therapist. This way you can remain aware of what you will be given as an advice to take care of your mental health.