All you need to know about LSD and LSD testing Kits

Advancement in the field of research and science has led to the creation of various drugs that is harmful and dangerous than the previous one. Drugs were initially invented to cure disease. But today illegal drugs available in the market are affecting the health and stability of a person. One such drug is available in the market is LSD.

What is LSD?

LSD is a type of mood changing chemical drug highly used among hippies. It is made from Lysergic acid found in the fungus that grows on grains. This drug comes in various forms such as powder and liquid. LSD drugs produce visual hallucination among users. LSD properties are unique making its presence undetectable. LSD is colorless, odorless and has a bitter taste. This Drug is being manufactured in illegal labs and disturbed in various cities.  LSD users are usually cut out from reality and this state last as long as 12 hours. LSD usage is very dangerous and harmful to the mental health of a person.

How to test for LSD?

The dangerous nature of the drug has altered the authorities and resulted in the invention of kits that are helpful in identifying this drug.  LSD test kits are available in different types, knowing their usage is important for testing the drug. For testing whether a drug contains LSD or not you need not visit a lab, portable test kits specifically designed for LSD testing does the job accurately.

The most popular and important testing kit of LSD is Ehrlich testing kit. This kit is a simple and easy way to determine whether or not the sample contains LSD. The Ehrlich testing kit gives a straight forward answer and comes with a testing liquid. You do not advance training in using this kit. Reading and understanding the instruction that comes with the kit is sufficient to do the test and get an accurate result.

Procedure for conducting the test

In order to determine if the sample contains LSD, Ehrlich test is conducted as it is reliable in nature. Most kits come with clear and thorough instruction. Ehrlich kit includes a solution made of ethanol, hydrochloric acid, and dimethylaminobenzaldehyde. Take the sample you want to test and put a small portion of the sample into the solution and swirl it.

After adding the sample, wait for some time and observe the solution. The solution will turn purple in case the sample contains LSD, darker the color the purer the LSD content is. At the same time if the solution shows no change in color then it means the sample doesn’t contain any LSD.  In case you need to further investigation as to the contents present in LSD then Marquis Test is conducted.


What kind of LSD kit to buy?

After determining the nature of the test and reason for conducting, research the market to know different types of LSD kits. It is always better to do in-depth research before investing in LSD kits. Buy one that is user-friendly and designed by reputable companies believing in customer satisfaction. A reliable LSD kit is important for accurate determination of LSD content.


It is clearly established beyond a doubt that LSD drug is dangerous. LSD like synthetic drugs can result in death and can result in hallucination, nausea, construction of blood vessels and seizures. So it is important to test the sample and determine LSD content to be safe.