Are Erection Problems and Weak bones Linked?

Weak bones can be a condition in which a person encounters bone mass or bone mineral density degeneration with a significant degree. Now, despite the fact that a harder erection is often known as “boner,” you will find really no bones inside the penis, so weak bones should not be described as a penis condition. However that doesn’t imply overturn is true – the erection problem needs to be eliminated becoming an indicator from the bone condition. Really, some studies suggest quite contrary.

About weak bones

Each time a person encounters degeneration inside their bones, they are mentioned to own “low bone mass.” This happens when the body either loses a lot of existing bone, makes insufficient new bone, or a mixture of both. When the loss reaches a certain point, the first is mentioned to own osteopenia if the reaches yet another point, diagnosing becomes weak bones.

If someone were to look at a bone within microscope, they’d realize that healthy bones have a very “honeycomb” structure on their behalf. When they have been low bone mass, the holes inside the honeycombs become much, larger. This weakens the bone, that makes it more prone to fracture or break when put under undue stress. In severe cases, even “regular” stress can lead to bone damage.

Some 54,000,000 Americans have low bone mass, and though it may be considered a lady’s disease, that isn’t the problem. An believed 25% of males over the age of 50 will break a bone due to weak bones. Weak bones is pricey, ringing up costs of roughly $19 billion every year – which cost will probably climb precipitously.

The erection connection

If the penis is essentially boneless, why if there’s some outcomes of weak bones plus a guy’s manhood?

A Taiwan study 2016 examined this issue. It examined more than 4400 guys who were age forty or older who experienced erection issues. It matched them exceeding 17,000 guys who did not report bouts of erection disorder.

Then it looked to look for the amount of people each group developed weak bones. According to these studies, almost 6% in the men with erection problems ongoing to develop weak bones. Among the men without erection disorder, there’s still weak bones – no more than 3.7%. After they examined time through which there has been weak bones occurrences, the boys inside the former group were three occasions as vulnerable to suffer since the men inside the control group.


The scope from the study did not enable the researchers to discover why men with erection issues tend to be susceptible to weak bones than individuals without. However, one theory the scientists assist with is always that men with erection issues often times have under normal testosterone levels. Testosterone is associated with erection health generally. Lower testosterone may also be associated with bone mass issues. Furthermore, men with erectile issues often times have ‘abnormal’ levels of vitamin D, that’s associated with elevated bone health.

Men with erection disorder may want to consult physician to determine if they must be doing everything to help reduce the chances of weak bones.

Weak bones as well as the connect with a harder erection highlight again the understanding of maintaining overall penis health. One fine method this can be to daily make use of a top drawer penis health crème (medical professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, that’s proven mild and safe for skin). Make certain to discover a crème including vitamin D. The most effective crème must also include L-arginine, an amino acidity that will help result in the nitric oxide supplements which in turns leads to helping manhood blood stream vessels expand to obtain elevated flows of blood stream.