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 Build Your Body with Four Essential Tips: A Perfect Workout Program

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When you program design your workout, you know that you must squat and deadlift. You already know you are supposed to do heavy rows, chin-ups and bench presses and also you need good new techniques. From the elite class athletes to the local coaches, all of them one thing in common is that everyone of them follows the basics of working out.

Below are four tips that would make you avoid your injuries, avoid doubts if any, and avoid frustrations that people face from a workout program, rather they will reach their goal and have muscle growth.

  • Your reps should be changed after every few weeks: From the size to strength gains, repetitions are important for a workout point of view.

Let’s take a look at repetitions range:

  • 1 to 3 repetitions: Maximal Strength
  • 4 to 6 repetitions: Strength
  • 8 to 12 repetitions: Size Gains (Hypertrophy)
  • 15+ repetitions: Endurance

So, as we can see above, you can build thinner muscles with better endurance if you do repetitions of 15 or more. But you need to change repetitions for maximum strength and power; you will also lose your size gains.

Here’s a simple workout program for a phase of four months:

  • First Month: 8 reps
  • Second Two: 15 reps
  • Third Month: 6 reps
  • Fourth Month: 12 reps
  • Always start with your important workout: For your exercise to successfully act on your body, on your muscles, your body demands tremendous strength with lots of focus. Squats, deadlifts, snatches, cleans and jerks need most energy and more involvement of muscles.
  • Move in every direction: You should move in all directions to get better results. In most of the exercise, the movements are unidirectional.
  • Balanced: When you design a program make sure that every part of your body is gaining equal strength.

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