Can Tiredness Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Sexual problems in men may evolve due to multiple reasons. Impotence is a leading sexual dysfunction diagnosed in men. Numerous medications may help men to forget about their weakness. Any of them may be bought online. Levitra, for example, is among the most efficient drugs, which may be bought at at a bargain price.

In what case is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Every man has experienced troubles with erection at least once in a lifetime. Nevertheless, such failures cannot be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction if they fall on 20% of all erections. At the same time, men who cannot get the erection or sustain it for a normal sexual intercourse in more than 25% of their tries, may need some medical help as they have developed erectile dysfunction.

How is tiredness related to difficulties with erection?

To feel sexual desire a man needs to be rested. It is explained by the signal our cerebrum sends for sexual arousal. When being tired, there’s no signal from the brain, hence, no sexual desire and no erection.

Besides constant fatigue may change the levels of hormones responsible for libido and erectile function. Such condition may also contribute to troubles with men’s health.

Another cause of tiredness and as a result, erectile dysfunction in men may come from lack of sleep or its poor quality. Testosterone, which is responsible for strong and lasting erection, is mainly produced during the night rest. If the amounts of hormone are not sufficient, a man may feel fatigue and have issues with performing sexual intercourse.

One more reason of extreme tiredness in combination with erectile dysfunction may hide in some underlying medical conditions. Among them are:

  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Cardiological problems;
  • Depression and some other medical issues.

To find out the exact reason of your problems, you should consult your health care provider.

What can be done to improve your sexual health?

First of all, you have to slow down your life tempo and give your body time to rest and relax. In case you have troubles with sleep, try to take some actions to improve it. As for your potency, you can choose one of the numerous ED drugs (for example generic Levitra) available in any online pharmacy.