Cancer treatment:The New Ways to Tackle it

Cannabis oil cancer treatment by CBD international helps a person to tackle withmitigating pain, fight the appetite loss and other side-effects of treatment of cancer. But if it can cure someone from cancer, is still under investigation.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is well-known in today’s world, and people in many parts of the world are fighting for their government to legalize it. Cannabis includes hemp, pot, hash, grass, and marijuana. It has been used everywhere for medical use as well as recreational use.

The resin of cannabis consists of various substances, of which some might be good for medical use and are called cannabinoids.

Two types of cannabinoids are identified as:

  • THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
  • CBD or cannabidiol

Sativex is an example of a drug which is derived from cannabis for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Nabilone is also a derivative of cannabis and is used to treat side-effects caused by chemotherapy, such as severe vomiting and nausea.

The basic concept

Research in a different part of the world has shown a lot of interest in cannabinoids for the treatment of cancer. THC and CBD are still undergoing studies on how many roles they have for the treatment of cancer.

These researches are mainly still in their clinical trial stage. Let’s take a look at what scientists found on cannabinoids:

  • they can enhance the death of cells
  • they can stop cell division and so restrict them
  • they can stop cells to produce more blood vessels

But also, there are few disadvantages of cannabinoids as found by the scientists:

  • they can damage blood vessels that are important
  • in a few cases, it is seen that they encourage the cancer cells to grow

Therefore, some exclusive studies were carried on cannabis to see whether they develop cancer cells. In some studies, it is seen that they do develop cancer cells, while in some studies there was no sign of development of cancer cell rather they protect against cancer cells.

So, the researchers are still in their initial stages,and it is not possible to pick up a side of the research yet. But one thing has been determined that it helps with the symptoms related to cancer and chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain.

Cannabis Oil and their effects

Cannabis oil is only for topical use. People when suffering from cancer, their loved ones try to try each and everything to cure them,and in most cases, cannabis oil is tried. The oil is composed of the various amount of TCH and CBD.

Important things you should remember while using cannabis oil:

  • Cannabis oil may interact with other drugs
  • Sometimes THC can cause a fast heart rate, hallucinations, paranoid, make you feel stoned, and dizziness.