Common Elderly Anxiety Disorder You Should Watch Out

Aging is an inevitable process in one’s life. No matter how you delay aging, you will eventually feel and look old. One of the most common consequences of aging is an anxiety attack. Most elders when becoming older, have an increasing number of panic attacks associated with depression. Around 6 millions American aged 65 and up are affected by anxiety, and only a small percentage is adequately addressed. Elders’ loved ones should be able to acknowledge and help in treating depression to prevent a more severe problem in the future. In this article, we will talk about the common disorders that are associated with anxiety.


A phobia is having a fear of something that isn’t happening yet, a mental state where a person fears something that he hasn’t encountered yet. Gerascophobia is one of the most common, and it is a fear of getting old. When an elder gets old, there is a possibility of increasing the fear inside. Sometimes phobia can cause strange behavior which may lead to more challenging elder care management.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Every once in a while, individuals have worries, but elder may experience excessive worrying about things that don’t need too much attention. One example is worrying who will do a simple chore such as washing the dishes, a simple issue on an everyday life that isn’t a big deal.

Social Anxiety

It usually occurs in an average person in daily life, mainly when social media networking arise. But most adults are affected by this disorder, and they are generally keeping themselves inside a box because there is an anxiety that someone might think something wrong with them. Elders are very susceptible to social anxiety especially when they feel alone or driven by their emotions.

Acute Stress Disorder

When an elder experienced any traumatic situation such as a lost, separation, accident, etc. then acute stress disorder will occur. It will last for one month or less.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

After an acute stress disorder, PTSD is ubiquitous. The trauma may last for more than a month, one way to distress is to continually talk with the elder and assuring that everything will be alright.

By getting old, sicknesses and depression are common, but one way to ensure that an adult will stay calm is to take care of them well. No matter how challenging it is to take care of an elder especially when anxiety attack happens, it is a noble job to keep an eye on them. Taking care of them is an excellent gesture to give back to what they have done in the past, especially with their children or loved ones. If you think it is complicated, you can always count on senior care Houston agency to help you manage and ease with taking care of your elder. Always remember to nourish them with love and make time with them as long as they are still alive. Depression is curable, and there is a help to fight it.