Do I Need an Eye Exam Every Year?

Yes, eye exams at every life stage can help maintain healthy eyes. There are several eye conditions that do not exhibit any signs or symptoms. By the time you notice a difference in your vision, the disease may have been progressed to an advanced stage. While changes in eyesight are not in your control and are bound to deteriorate as you age, regular eye check-ups can help prevent most of the eye conditions. A comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist in St Peters MO can help detect eye problems before they lead to vision loss.

How often should you visit an eye doctor in St. Peters MO?

The frequency of eye exam may vary from one person to another based on their age and risk factors. However, most of the eye care St Peters MO professionals suggest that you should have a comprehensive eye exam every year.


A routine eye exam is crucial for children of all ages to detect vision problems that may affect their ability to read and learn in school. Children should have their eye exam every year as well.

However, children with vision problems and who have risk factors such as premature birth, developmental delays, and crossed eyes should have their eyes examined earlier than 6 months of age and will need frequent eye exams throughout their childhood.


For adults (ages 18 to 60), scheduling eye exams each year can help maintain healthy vision.  However, adults who have eye issues may need an eye exam at shorter intervals based on their eye condition. Risk factors for adults include high blood pressure, diabetes, previous eye injuries, eye surgery, and a family history of eye disease.

Seniors (above 61) should have an eye exam more frequently as age-related eye conditions are prevalent. It is important to visit your eye doctor frequently if you experience flashing light in your eyes, small spots that appear in your vision, and if you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

If you are still wondering how often you need to have your eyes examined, ask your optometrist St Peters MO.

Why should you have a regular eye exam? 

Vision impairment can affect both your physical and mental health.  In fact, visually impaired people are at particularly high risk of chronic health conditions, including social withdrawal, accidents, depression, and mortality. It is essential to identify and treat eye problems, and a comprehensive eye exam can help detect systematic conditions and treat it early before it worsens.

It is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure, “and when it comes to eye problems, it is always best to get it checked and treat it immediately before it steals your vision.