Online psychotherapy is a form of psychological support using a remote communication tool, such as Skype, to protect mental health. This formulation does not refer to any particular therapeutic technique, but a form of communication. Contrary to classical psychotherapy, the therapist and the patient do not stay in the same room, but are in any remote location and communicate via the Internet. Due to the advantages of online therapy, more and more patients decide to use an online psychologist.
Who is online therapy for?

Psychotherapy via the Internet is especially recommended if you travel often, stay permanently or temporarily abroad, you want to avoid wasting time on commuting and standing in traffic jams, there is no specialist psychotherapeutic office in your town, a good psychotherapist whom you trust can visit in another city or even in the other part of the country. 

It is also recommended if you prefer to be in a safe, familiar place during the session, which is probably your home. This form of help will also be appreciated by people experiencing social phobias for whom a direct meeting with a psychotherapist would be too much of a challenge.

Advantages of remote psychological consultation

About classic psychotherapy in the office, the online psychotherapist service has the following advantages:

  • Time savings due to lack of commuting (no need to leave the house)
  • Saving money due to the lack of commuting
  • Great flexibility in the selection of dates
  • High availability, especially in smaller towns where there are no specialists
  • Territorially unlimited availability
  • Can be used while abroad
  • Can be used during business or holiday trips
  • Conducting meetings in your own home in comfortable conditions
  • A high sense of security
  • Effective and accessible mental health protection
  • A particularly recommended form of therapy when you have social phobia
  • Discretion – You choose the place where you hold the sessions
  • Confidentiality and information security – transmission of video and audio is encrypted by Skype
  • Convenient electronic payment methods

A psychotherapist for people living abroad

Online psychological help is especially useful for people living or temporarily staying abroad. Why? One of them is the need to communicate in the mother tongue. Even if you speak a foreign language fluently, traveling inside yourself, reaching the deepest layers of the subconscious mind, speaking in the language of emotions will require efficient communication, which is the most effective and natural in the mother tongue. Another reason is the psychotherapist’s understanding of cultural determinants. 

What do you need for the session?

To conduct a meeting, you need:

  • A computer with free Skype installed
  • Internet access
  • Webcam and microphone
  • If you use a laptop, most have a built-in camera and microphone.


A single meeting using the Internet takes 50 minutes. This is the optimal time for the effectiveness of psychological help. A longer consultation would be too exhausting for the patient, and a shorter one would not be able to use the therapeutic potential.