Equine Assisted Therapy: An Effective Way of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In the peaceful and green highlands of Scotland being surrounded by forests, mountains, and hills of Europe became a place for the development of a mutual bond between a horse and a man. Over the centuries, horses and humans had developed a relationship between each other for horses are used as a mode of transportation for trading and wars years ago. Horses became a companion to the humans, for it has a lot of benefits and uses. Both horses and humans need support and belongingness with each other.

Horses can be wild sometimes and so as a human being can. Horses have a different personality and considered as temperamental animals. Given this, drug rehab and recovery can be done by making an addict commit to having a relationship or bond with a horse. This kind of treatment method has a name, and it is the Equine Assisted Therapy. Have you heard anything about this that can help with drug rehab?

Defining Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy refers to an alternative way for drug or alcohol rehab. This kind of rehabilitation and treatment to drug or alcohol addicts has been used for how many years of aiming a reduced rate of addicts across the world. It has been used for many years and proven effective by the previous patients who bravely faced and interfered with a horse for them to recover from being an addict.

The goal of this alternative treatment is to provide the patients with optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health enabling them to change their bad habits back before. Equine therapy aims to help and support each patient in the whole process of their drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It serves as a support or stands in making every patient achieve their positive and effective development.

This kind of therapy is distinct from other ways of drug and alcohol rehab for it builds relationship and trust between a human and a horse. Communication and being able to release the patient’s feelings or emotions about life can also be achieved through this kind of treatment.

Equine Assisted Therapy is way better than other treatment ways such as counseling and rehabilitation for it only involves the patient and a horse depending on the observation and needs of the patient. The human must connect and build trust with a horse which can be a companion during the whole process of recovery. Horses are good to be a companion for it can’t state any harsh words or actions that can make the patient lose hope and interest in changing lives and habits.

With horses, there are no judgment and insulting activity. Also, horses make a good listener about the burdens and problems that every patient might have within. Horses can offer comfort by the nuzzling of their nose, making sounds, licking, and eye contact. It is proven that not just horses but also other animals, especially the dogs which can feel the problems being carried by their owner or companion.

The equine session is assisted by professionals and licensed therapists to watch the progress of treatment and development of the connection between the patient and the horse.

If you are looking forward to improving the quality of your life without drugs and alcohol, trying this equine therapy will never be a waste of time, effort, and money.