Hair thinning in women – A common yet difficult problem

On seeing a bald man, one would not turn back. But on seeing bald women, everyone would judge them like there is no tomorrow. This is even though women face the problem of hair loss more often than men. It may not be what we want, but it is what happens. Therefore, women need to take a lot of measures to address their hair loss issues, right from the very beginning.

How does hair thinning in women look like?

Hair loss may not be immediately visible in women due to their typical relative higher volume of hair. Also, the type of hair loss pattern is different in men than in women. While men may witness receding hairline, women see more of thinning from the center and normal hair recession. The frontal hairline remains almost the same in women.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

Women may lose hair due to a variety of reasons – from frequent chemical treatment to pregnancy to deficiency of vitamins to surgery. Regular treatment of hair through chemicals and heat is one of the most common causes of hair fall these days as the societal pressure of maintaining good looks increases. Pregnancy also causes a lot of women to lose hair, especially during the third trimester. Also, iron and vitamin D deficiency could also cause hair loss in both men and women.

How to treat hair loss?

As far as possible, one should avoid chemically and heat treated hair as it damages the natural bond present in the hair and makes them weak. There is not much that can be done for hair loss during pregnancy except taking a proper diet. Proper diet will help in maintaining the right vitamins in the body and hence prevent hair loss. Rogaine foam for women will help those dealing with hair loss due to medicinal side effects.