How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Patients who visit their Fairfax oral surgeon to ask about dental implants are usually full of questions and sometimes even fear. It is true that getting dental implants is considered as major surgery and takes a lot of time and preparation for both the patient and the surgeon. It is very reasonable to feel a bit of apprehension when the option of implants and going through surgery is brought up, but when you are under the hands of reputable and skilled oral surgeon that alone should be a comforting thought.

For those who still have some doubts and questions, here are some facts and answers to your dental implant questions: 

When Were Implants First Used?

The very first dental implants were given to a patient back in 1965, when the study of implantology first began in the 60’s. When that patient passed about in 2006, his implants were still in top shape more than 40 years later.

Do Implants Require Replacement?

With the proper care and regular visits to your dentist and Fairfax oral surgeon, the implants can last an entire lifetime without needing any replacement. The material used for the implants are very durable and dependable and they function and look like a person’s natural teeth.

The only part of the implant that may need replacing once every 15 or so years are the crows because of the constant wear and tear from chewing and biting. With care and maintenance crowns can last longer than 15 years.

Do Implants Fail?

It is rare, but there are some cases of dental implant failure, but since the study of implantology continues to evolve the cases of failed implants are becoming less and less with each passing decade.

What Causes Implants To Fail?

There are some reasons that cause implants not to last. These are some of the most common factors:

Poor Oral Hygiene – Not following the instructions of the surgeon after the implants are attached can lead failure. Make sure to ask questions before going home to ensure you have the proper care and cleaning methods down to pat.

Not Scheduling Regular Appointments – Patients who stop regular dental visits after the dental implants are in place might encounter some problems in the future. Always visit your dentist or surgeon regularly, even if your implants feel normal.

Smoking – The chemicals in cigarettes impede blood flow which affects the healing process. Smokers will find it more difficult to recover from the surgery and may even suffer from infection and inflammation which can lead to failure.

General Health – There are some medical conditions that may affect a person’s candidacy for dental implants. It is best to share these concerns with your surgeon before proceeding with the surgery to avoid any trouble and possible dental implant failure.

Talk To Your Surgeon

While reading through some FAQ’s may be helpful, the best way to proceed with the surgery is to speak with your Fairfax oral surgeon. They will gladly answer any question and address all concerns to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with the implants.

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