How to get rid of external haemorrhoids at home

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Haemorrhoids is a condition of swollen veins around rectum or anus. They can be painful or non-painful depending on the types of haemorrhoids. They are differentiated into internal and external haemorrhoids based on the location of swollen veins. If the swollen veins are inside your rectum, it is known as the internal haemorrhoid. It is not painful but you may have the sensation of fullness and bleeding. If the swollen vein is around the anus and under the skin, it is called the external haemorrhoid. They are painful and may crack and bleed from rubbing and irritation. Haemorrhoid can develop due to increase pressure in the veins around your rectum or anus. Several causes can cause haemorrhoids such as constipation, straining, obesity, heavy lifting and any straining activities. Everyone may have haemorrhoid at some point in their life. Although pain is a symptom of the disease itself, managing the haemorrhoid pain is as important as treating the disease itself. For people with external haemorrhoids, it is painful and interferes with your daily life. Getting rid of external haemorrhoids at home mainly focus on reducing pressure on your veins with lifestyle modifications as hemorrhoids treatment by avoiding constipation and reducing irritation around your rectum and anus.

  1. Good bathroom habits :

It is important to practise good bathroom habits to reduce the chances of getting external haemorrhoids. Whenever we are unable to poop while sitting on the toilet, we tend to strain ourself to make something happened. Straining increases the pressure in around anus and rectum, making you more likely to get haemorrhoids in the long term. Wiping yourself with dry toilet paper may irritate the skin around your anus. Try to wet your toilet paper or use gentle baby wipes. Whenever you have the urge to defecate, please do so by not with-holding the urge. A squatting position while defecating can have better effect on letting go your waste materials.

  1. Dietary habits with high intake of fruits and vegetables :

Constipation is the number one contributor to the occurrence of haemorrhoids. A good dietary habit with high intake of fruits and vegetables is a good way to get rid of constipation. Taking extra fibres and water can soften your stools, making them easier to get through your guts and expel out of your body.

  1. Regular exercises :

Exercising regularly do perform wonders. Exercising helps to improve the movement of food materials through your gut, making the stools less hard and easier to be expelled out of your body. Combination of regular exercises and good dietary habits help you in the long way of getting rid of external haemorrhoids.

  1. Topical medication or painkillers to ease pain and irritation :

If you are diagnosed with a haemorrhoid, you may need some topical medication or taking painkillers to ease the pain and irritation. The topical cream can be bought from your nearest pharmacy with doctor’s prescription. They are helpful to reduce the irritation, preventing you from scratching and possible infection. Painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol can help to reduce pain caused by external haemorrhoids. The medical procedure may be necessary if these medications do not work well.

If you are unsure or in doubt with your condition, please contact your healthcare providers to get yourself a check-up.