How to know god self

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God self is awakening about life and theory of living in heaven on earth. Humans have a life mixed life and a union between body made with flesh & blood and with eternal energy. God self is an amalgamation that connects the bridge that connects our physical world with a spiritual one. When we understand the oneness of nature with defining our existence and reason behind it, we know the God self. It is something behind our physical senses and can only be felt.

God self is not some airy fairy thing rather it is a birthright we all have as humans. The world is multidimensional and with love and true access to the God we can have a divine radiance with the sparkling brilliance on divinity.  God self is a theory that can be felt and sensed within us. However, the transformation towards the God-self can be done by inculcating some habits within our soul and making their life better.

Change your perception about you and about God

You are never away or separated by God. He is within you and all around you. To see him you need to change your perception and believe in it. In this age of rationality and the age of accountability, we have inherited some rational attitude that has created distance between us and God. We talk about but original sin that has drifted man from God.

Well, you have to change the way you must change the way to think and believe in God. You need to change your perception and old beliefs. You need to think about thinking about the whole circle of Life and blessings of God in it, in a new perception. Are you ready to do this? If not then you are still bandit of your old perceptions and if yes then you are ready to be part of becoming God self. God is already with you living inside your heart. When you start living this feeling you will understand the concept of God-self.

Practice what you have believed

When you get the understanding of unanimous approach of God and his existence within you then start practicing your belief. Pay attention to every thought and concept delivered by God. It starts with believing in the existence of God as God the Almighty and then with believing in his works and messages. Well, the better word for this situation is “trust’. We trust God for his existence and for our support. When you feel God is with you then your faith grows and so is your concept of God self. No philosophical explanation or textbooks are required for developing this trust just a pure heart is sufficient for making your life better.

See God in another person as well

God is omnipresent. He is in you, in me and in everyone else. When you start to believe that God is in your heart and soul then you start to believe in his presence in every other person as well. We all are created by God, we are his children and this very basic theory makes our God self. The mystery of God in inexplicable but when you start viewing God in everyone life will become simple and beautiful. Also, you will be able to understand and inherit the concept of God-self.

The preachers of Christianity and other religions have complicated the simple concept about the existence of God. You need to understand it yourself for getting out of the mist and for becoming a preacher and follower of God self. You are one of his creation and you are one with HIM.

Regard HIS preaching’s as GOD-

No matter how much religious Guru’s have complicated things the concept of religion and the preaching’s of God are simple. The core of all religion is humanity and love for everyone. When you let yourself out of all the shackles or rituals and restrictions then only you will be able to understand the simple thing. To achieve the philosophy of God self you need to follow these simple message about love and humanity to be as you would have followed God. There are no proofs about these concepts but when you will follow them, you will feel His instruction deep down in your heart.

Let your Ego, fear, anger, and threat leave your heart and believe in the concept of God self to make life better from inside.

In conclusion, I can say that God self is a concept that will lead you to become a better person then you are. It will change the way you look at the world with making your life like never before. Trust your instinct and become a God self.  I am sure your life will become beautiful.