Hair Care

How to make the hair thicker: The tips and tricks

For most people, it is a dream of having thick and robust hair. Do you know how to get thicker and healthier hair? If no, then read carefully.

Some unique tips for making the hair thicker

  1. Everyone around the world has different types of hair, and it requires specific products for nourishment.  The right shampoo and conditioner contribute to bring thickness and shine to the hair. Buy Indulekha shampoo, which is natural, and an effective hair care product.
  2. Washing the hair too much may cause damage to the hair. This is one of the mistakes which are made by a lot of individuals. Nothing is better than applying natural hair oils to make the curls smooth and glossy. Indulekha oil also falls in the category of natural hair oils. The ideal way to use these products is by brushing your hair daily.
  3. A significant difference can be created if you are consuming multivitamins with a hair supplement. Some hair supplements are rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 and pumpkin seeds extract. Some of them are ingredients like keratin for hair growth.
  4. Stay away from the tools that are harmful to the hair and skin. Hair dryers and flat irons are instances of such tools. Using the hot tools modestly can create a huge difference.
  5. For providing thickness to your hair, it is crucial to brush daily. Brushing can help spread essential oils that will protect the hair from further damages and add shine. Moreover, regular brushing can also help in taking out the dead hair and exfoliate the scalp.
  6. Eating the right food can show the best results. The diet should include foods like avocados, nuts, salmon, fish, fruits, and vegetables. All these foods carry nutrients good for hair growth.