Liposuction as a Treatment for Lipoedema

We all know that excessive fat is bad for us, although women should have some fat for smooth functioning of their woman-specific organs.

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However, when there is excessive accumulation of fat on body parts like belly, thighs, calves, arms etc. it can be very problematic and fat removal becomes necessary.

Sometimes the fat removed in such a way can be used in fat transfer to breasts by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne and a person needing to have both these procedures is benefited from this.

However, sometimes the fat accumulation may be too excessive and that can cause some serious conditions like lipoedema.

What is Lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a condition in which there is an overgrowth of fat deposits. It takes place almost exclusively in women, mostly at puberty, but also after pregnancy and menopause.

The affected woman becomes morbidly obese and receives a devastating effect on her legs (and sometimes arms) including tenderness and in severe cases, immobility.

The faulty fat cells create an unusual and unique shape, typically from the waist down, to a clear line above the ankles in a bilaterally symmetrical shape.

The condition is very specific to ankle swelling to circumferential calf with weightiness on top of knees, making legs look like trees.

Misdiagnosis is Common

Lipoedema is often mistaken as lymphedema which occurs due to a malfunctioning of lymphatic systems which causes swelling, but the swelling is due to fluid and not fat, as in lipoedema.

Also, usually in lipoedema, feet are spared, which doesn’t happen in lymphedema.

Such misdiagnosis can make the disease progress steadily and the patient may eventually become wheelchair-bound.

The patient may go on having surgeries for lymphedema, exercising regularly, changing diet and spending huge money on supplements, and still continue having pain.

If fortunately you are rightly diagnosed with lipoedema, the best way to get rid of the pain is to take out the excess fat with laser liposuction from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

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Possible Complications

If you have been wrongly diagnosed with lymphedema before and have undergone surgeries thereof, there is a possibility of certain complications.

If the liposuction procedure would be unsuccessful, there is a possibility of your lymphatic system getting damaged which can make your chronic pain and other symptoms worse.

Freedom from Chronic Pain

However, if the liposuction procedure is successful, you can get on your feet again and your life will improve dramatically.

You can also get rid of the painkiller medications. You won’t be stressed with your future life in a wheelchair and you can regularly exercise to live a youthful, healthy life.

Cosmetic Procedure Treating a Medical Condition

This is an excellent example of a cosmetic procedure treating a medical condition and offering enormous medical benefits to the patients.

Women with lipoedema who underwent the liposuction or laser liposuction procedure experience a tremendous change in their life.

Are There Any Other Treatments for Lipoedema?

As such, there is no universally approved treatment for lipoedema, though some women may experience a reduction in pain and reversal of the condition by starting an elimination diet, a herbal course and low impact workout regime to fight inflammation.

All in all, liposuction can even give someone a permanent relief from chronic leg pain and change her life for good.