Managing Your Cattle In Rainy Season: Some Simple Steps

We are ready to welcome the rainy season, and it’s the time to splash in the water. The favorite season for the kids to row their boats in the water and making their hands full of mud. Some of the places get beautiful at this time but some get fatalities like flood and in such cases, there is a huge loss of flora and fauna. This season comes with rejoicing and with lots of health issues also.

Human beings are more likely to take care of them this season but it’s very important to cattle also to make them protection against any health issues. cannabis oil, CBD oil, hemp-based products that are available in the market and in online stores as well that are a natural drug that helps to treat many of the health issues in human’s as well as animals.

Improving immunity by natural remedies is the best method to fight against dire conditions offered by the rainy season. Extra care is needed in this season and animals also require close attention during this time. Stress to animals occurs as the temperature decreases with the humidity and with the below the lowest temperature animals get anxiety problems. And in that case cannabis, a natural drug helps a lot.

To maintain the body temperature of animals you should make sure that proper shelter and improving metabolism is needed. Feed the animals’ high energy food. For that, choose the food that contains all the nutrients. For example, if the cow is not given the proper diet then the stored energy will end up and she will have to compete with the climate.

Losing energy will leads to depletion of fats and ultimately to weight loss. This can affect the coming offspring of them and increases the mortality rate of the calf. Be sure about the hay and its quality. Feed the dry hay and check the poison content if any. These poisonous carcinogens can cause liver damage. Manure and silage should be stored in the dry place. Some of the points to be kept in mind while caring for cattle:

  • Cleanliness– As the season comes with lots of diseases, so keeping animals dry and clean helps in reducing the exposure of health issues in this season.
  • Feeding– Feeding amount is the second most important factor; feed your cattle with high energy food and the food that contains all the nutrients.
  • Water– Drinking water should be clean and portable and the temperature of the water should be not too cold and not at the freezing point. Give them sufficient amount of water.
  • Bedding- A shelter that you provide to your cattle must be dry and clean because the dirty place can expose many health issues.
  • Draining Water– Stagnant water is the main source to attract many diseases so make sure stagnant water should be drained in time.

By keeping all these simple and few steps can make your cattle healthy in the rainy season and make sure to go for the natural remedy to deal with your cattle.