Melatonin for insomnia – How and when it works

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A lot of people suffer from the insomnia and this number is increasing with the increasing times. There are different types of sleep disorders and the factors responsible for this and also varies from person to person. Some people find it difficult to sleep due to increased stress in such a stressful life while some people suffers from disturbed sleep is due to menopause and increasing age. In stressful people, the person does not have anything to do with the decreased levels of melatonin while in the age related insomnia, the person have depleted stores of the melatonin. Therefore, the treatment also varies from person to person. The stressful person can get the regular sleep after the removal of stress from mind while the people with aging insomnia cannot get back to normal sleep and there is need of improving the content of melatonin and ultimately making the sleep better.

Melatonin for night owls

  • Melatonin is the main player of the sleeping and wakening cycle. The melatonin secretion gets increased with the few hours before the sleeping time while the concentration and production of melatonin decreases with the awakening time. Sometimes, the secretion of melatonin varies in the people who have genetic predisposition. It means that some people do not get sleepy at the right time and they sleep after the 2:00am or 3:00am in the morning and this is due to the genetic inheritance. So there is no need of any melatonin load to the body.
  • Although this issue can lead to the problems in the people with the job and one will fell drowsy and sleepy in the daytime. So one can easily shift their timings of sleep, a little early. For example, if anyone gets sleep at the two in the morning, so one can shift it to 10 by increasing the load of melatonin at nine in the night. One can have the supplements like melatonina comprar and get to sleep on time.

Melatonin for age related insomnia

The people who suffers from the age related insomnia can also shape their sleep with the help of supplements because it is not possible to increase the in body secretion of melatonin. One can get to the normal sleep in such a disturbed timing.