Painless Therapy with Tremendous Results, Positive Outcomes & Zero Complications

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Every patient wants painless therapy with excellent results and positive outcomes that too without any complications. The unspecified cells of the body which can develop into different cell types and also they are able to regenerate without limit is called stem cells. Body’s natural repair systems are stem cells, which plays critical role in healing body tissues that have been damaged either by injury, illness or aging. The stem cell therapy for back pain plays integral role in treating chronic illness and diseases. Stem cells have the quality to replicate making new copies of themselves and also have the ability to become other types of cells. The adult stem cells are most commonly derived from bone marrow and fat. Stem cells are used for the treatment of many diseases such as sports injuries, spinal cord injuries or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The stem cell therapy repairs or replaces damaged cells with new, functional and healthy cells thus healing our bodies in the most natural way. The knee doctor Dallas use stem cell therapy for the treatment of various diseases as follows:

Types of Diseases & Treatment Done by Stem Cell Therapy

Neurological & Brain Diseases:


*Peripheral Neuropathy

  •         Heart Diseases
  •         Vascular Diseases
  •         Muscles & Joints/ Musculoskeletal Diseases

Sports Injuries

Muscle Injuries

Tendon & Ligament Injuries


  • Skin Diseases
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Lung Diseases
  • Anti-Aging Diseases
  • Cosmetic Diseases
  • Eye Diseases
  • Urologic/ Kidney or Bladder Diseases
  • Peyronie’s Diseases
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction

The Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Dallas uses a technique which reduces the irritation and prevents or delay the knee replacement medical surgery. Patients can get back to do their things faster. The common knee injuries include injuries to knee meniscus, cartilage, osteoarthritis etc. and for it non-surgical stem cell treatments are done. The Platelet Injection Treatments are effective as it stimulates the effect on stem cells within the targeted area heals the damaged tissues by making stem cells work harder. The platelet treatments are generally used for mild arthritis, spine conditions and soft tissue injuries. The advanced platelet procedures are more concentrated and pure than those created by automated machines used at most of the regenerative medical clinics. The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment) are used to repair tendon, ligaments, joints and muscle injuries. A knee and hip replacement surgery comes with many complications and risks. The common knee conditions include meniscus tears, osteoarthritis and ACL tears. The most common knee injuries is meniscus tears which is treated by stem cell therapy otherwise the last option for the treatment of meniscus surgery is the surgical removal of some or all important structures. The knee ACL tears are also very common type of knee injury while the knee replacement surgery comes with many serious risks and complications. But now with the advent of modern stem cell therapy the treatment of various types of such diseases have become easily possible through painless treatment with the positive outcomes and zero complications.