Pass a Hair Test Using the Old Style Aloe Rid and Hair Shaving

Submitting to hair follicle drug testing is a pain in the ass. There’s a big chance that you have read articles and forums about it. If that is the case, you probably feel that you are in a pinch and hopeless. People that have experienced submitting to hair follicle drug testing and failed, make sure that they tell their story to the world. We are here to let everyone know that it is not impossible to beat this kind of drug testing and get a result that is favorable to you.

Is getting a good result worth that much to you?

It is the worst part of subjecting yourself in all forms of drug testing. Maybe you were offered your dream job, and they will only hire you if you pass the drug test first. Whatever your motives in getting a good drug test result, this article wants to help you get your desired outcome. With that in mind, do not give up and just take a deep breath.

Listed below are ways that you can do to pass a hair drug test. On average, it will take at least a week for any drug substance to reach your hair follicles. Let’s put it this way; you have more or less one week to shave the hair on your entire body and around five days of drug-free hair.

For example, you smoked a joint on Sunday morning; you need to wake up Monday morning to shave the hairs on your entire body. Now it is Friday and tiny hairs are growing after you shaved it on Monday. There is a big chance that the new hairs do not contain even a little trace of the drug. But once Saturday or Sunday comes, the drug particles will now enter the follicles and hair drug testing might detect it.

The big question is, is this realistic? Well, you will have to be the one to judge, what are the chances that the company you want to work in will ask you to submit yourself in a hair follicle drug testing after you shaved your entire body? If that happens, it would be tough to keep a straight face during the process, but trust me, it can work. Here’s the problem with this method (well, a big problem for heavy users).

This method wills only work if you are not a regular smoker or smoked once or twice a week. The hair drug test is not designed to pick up on occasional or small drug use. What does it mean? Let’s just say you smoked a joint 30 days ago. Two weeks later, you smoked another joint. There is a big chance that because you just smoked a small amount, your test will come back negative and undetected.

The laboratory is designed to find patterns of moderate to high usage when it comes to the hair drug test. While this kind of testing is good if you are a one-joint per month user, it will not work if you consume one joint per day. People’s body chemistry is different, so it is impossible to check how much you smoke and expect to get away with it. If getting a good result is very important to you, then it is best not to use this kind of method.

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Aloe Rid detoxing shampoo (most effective)

There are only a few detoxing shampoo products that actually work. Most of them fail because they can’t break inside the follicles to remove any drug substance. It is very easy for laboratories to run the tests and detect if you are doing drugs. Do you know what the worst part is? The majority of drug tests can detect drug components for up to 90 days. But everything is not bad news.

The good news is the Old Style Aloe Rid (it must be the older product) can get inside your hair follicles and remove all the toxins. If you are very serious about passing the drug test, then experts recommend that you have to use this methodF. Just a small warning: The new version of the product does not work well or does not work at all.

Because of its effectiveness and the demand, the price of the product has dramatically risen. While experts are very confident that it is the best method to pass a hair drug test, everyone knows that it is not cheap. The product is quite expensive, that is why you need to ask yourself if the cost is worth it. If you are going for your dream job, it is the right choice. That is why the decision is up to you.

Facts about hair follicle drug examination

The hair test is sometimes used to know whether the person is using an illegal substance or not for their pre-employment requirements. Most companies prefer the hair sample over urine or blood for some reasons. On a biological point of view, hair sample retains illegal drug compounds longer than blood or urine.

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How accurate are these hair tests?

Let us put it this way; hair drug testing is one of the most accurate drug tests available today. It is because the biological process takes place inside your body. Blood and urine, for example, are renewed regularly, but the hair that grows in the body can last longer. It means that the hair follicles can store a lot of information about your drug use like the substance you are taking, how long have you been taking it or if you are a regular user or not.

Every little detail about the history of your drug use dating back a few months can be traced. As far as history is concerned, almost all laboratory exams can detect whether you are a heavy user or not within 90 days. Out of all the tests, it is the longest duration that a test can spot illegal substance components. An essential fact about the hair drug examination is that they accurately tell whether a person is a heavy user or not.

The good news is it can also tell whether you have been using lately or not, but his information will not probably work to your advantage. You need to remember that the test is designed to identify the last time a person is using heavily or not. The test is perfectly designed to recognize medium to heavy users.