Self Awareness and Success

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It solely depends on an individual, in what respect he wants to see self-awareness as well as what success means to him. There are several awareness quotes available on internet.

In case, a person talks about materialistic success such as wealth, position, power, fame, etc. then his self-awareness is about observing his mistakes, lessons learned from mistakes as well as observing himself by comparing with others. He needs to aware of what is his potential and what he can do well along with in which field. When talking about materialistic success, self-awareness will be very much driven by observing other successful people and keeping in mind how they achieved so much in very less time. You need to very much aware of your weaknesses and strengths so that you can do progress while working on it.

But in case, you think your self-awareness and success is all about spiritual wisdom and finding yourself in this world, then you need to adopt a different approach. You should ask yourselves what is the main purpose of your life and things that bring bliss in your life. With respect to this, you need to aware of your journey. You should not bother about what others think of you and what they have achieved.

Spiritual Self-awareness:In this context, self-awareness means moving away from bad attitude including ego, destroying selfish desires, violence, greed, insecurity, jealousy, thought of competition, and many more. Moreover, if you could move away from such feelings, you will surely succeed in a spiritual world. More you keep yourself detached from earthly desires, more you move towards the inner world or spiritual world. Or in layman language, less you look outside, more you will go inside. And it really helps you in self-realization and self-awareness.

Self-awareness Enables to Remove Blind Spots as It Increases our Knowledge and Understanding

  • By focusing on and becoming more aware of behavior, thoughts, and emotions.
  • By comprehending best self, worst self, as well as the real self. The real self is a part of you which you cannot change.
  • By maintaining the inner you that is ultimately display of you publicly.  
  • By taking feedback as well as honestly evaluating other perspectives.
  • By keeping the tab on progress and recording details of response during any emotionally-fraught situation.

Self-awareness can Transform Resistance & Fear into an Openness to What is Still Unknown

  • Increases self-confidence and no fear
  • By propagating more confidence, motivation, and fulfillment
  • By inquiring new experiences, people and places

Self-awareness Gives Greater Insight into Individual’s Personality, Habits, Needs, and Values

You might have ever worked with someone who got on your nerve, as most of the people have faced the same thing. So you should learn a lesson from them that you do not have to become that.

Self-awareness can Develop Better Decision Makers Whose Choices will Line Up With His/ Her Values & Belief System

By helping you in discovering what truly motivates you. Something that matters to most of us such as physical fitness and our weight. So an individual can focus to motivate you to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape.

Self-awareness can Help You to Improve Your Leadership Skills

  • By living a more disciplined personal as well as professional life, people will come to respect you.
  • By enhancing your interpersonal skills, you will become such as less authoritative yet still in control, less controlling but still, the final decision maker, and less forceful still have a greater positive effect and long-term impact on others.