The easy access to antibiotics

Right after viral infections, bacterial infections have concerned the physical health of humankind for a very long time. The bacterial infections up to the early 1900s were a much serious threat than they are now. Prior to 1928, Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, bacterial infections had no cure and caused widespread deaths every year across the globe. Over the years as we entered into the post-modern era, we have gone through numerous revolutionary movements including concepts such as industrialisation and urbanisation, however, in the lieu of all these advancements with every passing movement we have developed a greater variety of bacterial infection. Fortunately enough, as the side of bacterial infections has evolved, so has medicine. From 1928 Antibioticshave drastically been researched on and developed with concrete supremacy. In the 21st century where pollution, population and infections are at large, the nations are comfortably equipped and stacked with a wide range of antibiotics that make almost every kind of bacterial infection, easily curable.

The availability of antibiotics

Antibiotics are very potent and dramatic in their effect, which is why, until recently antibiotics were only available on prescription by licensed physicians. Antibiotic was only discovered during the late 1920s, hence for a good deal of time after that, the common people were less educated on the functionality of the drug. Permitting its acquisition without a prescription would have risked overuse and misuse of antibiotics. Now since antibiotics have the potential to kill friendly internal bacteria in the human body, an overuse or misuse of the drug could lead to an extensive and permanent damage of certain critical biological functions of the human body. However, with the evolution of time and civilization, people have learned significantly more about antibiotics and its application. In recent times people are more self-aware, self-empowered and self-educated, traits that make it more likely that the individuals would decidedly stay off from the misuse and overuse of the drug. Currently,the surge in the need for antibiotics application, accompanied by the awareness among people makes it only obvious for the concerned authorities to make the antibiotics available easily without the requirement of a prescription. In 2018 ordering antibiotics online is a thing very commonly heard of, and very rightly so.

The benefits of getting antibiotics online

Some highlighted benefits of antibiotics are:

  • You don’t pay a buck more than the original retail price.
  • They are delivered to your doorstep.
  • Waiver to prescription needs; meaning no need to waste time in paying your physician a visit simply to get a pill that you have already been using for a long time and you know are safe for you.
  • Finally, you have a huge market at your disposal and there is a 100% chance of finding the specific antibiotic you are looking for.

Antibiotics are applied to cure bacterial infections. Bacterial infections, unlike many other infections, have a very less incubation period. Meaning if you are infected you are going to be affected by its symptoms very soon. Now, this condition makes things particularly difficult, as time gains utmost importance. Earlier there have been countless times when lives were lost to bacterial infection simply because the physician couldn’t reach out to the patient and administer the drug in time. Waiting for the doctor to arrive, standing in line at the chemist or even waiting on your local chemist to stock the group of antibiotic you are in need of, were all concerns that existed in the pre-internet era. Now you can easily access and buy antibiotics online without any of dilly-dallyof the pre-internet era.