The Various Health Benefits of Vaping Explored

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Electronic cigarettes have clearly emerged as the go-to alternative to traditional cigarettes and that’s not really without reasons. Literally bringing the end to the debate surrounding the health merits of vaping, a study published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” in the year 2017 actually established that electronic cigarettes are way less dangerous than the traditional cigarettes. The study entailed the investigation of the health condition of the current smokers, smokers who were currently using e-cigarettes and current smokers who also used nicotine replacement therapy. The results of the study have been documented below.

Can Vaping Really be Considered a Healthy Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes?

The study revealed dramatic differences between vapers and smokers. The vapers ended up demonstrating 57% reduction in 3 volatile compounds including acrylonitrile, ethylene oxide and vinyl chloride. In some cases, the vapers actually ended up demonstrating lower levels even than that of those who opted for NRT. In the course of the post – today – we’ll try to unravel why exactly Nicotine Free Vape is regarded as essentially beneficial for your health. Read on!

Even compulsive smokers would admit that the chemicals contained in the traditional cigarettes have myriad health risks that include yellowing of skin, aging of skin, lung damage and finger stains. What more? The chemicals contained interfere with blood circulation as well. E-cigarettes, however, do not really involve traditional burning of chemicals through smoking. They rather have to do with the inhaling of the vapors—which only means there is no pungent smell left behind as well!

Traditional Smoking is Harmful: You can Always Switch to E-Cigarettes to Lower Health Risks!

Traditional smoking is associated with a string of possible health risks including:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Stroke
  • Circulation Problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Others

With vaping – however- you have no such concerns to contend with in the first place. There are several instances, where users have admitted that they have been feeling way better after making the switch. These instances taken together – alone can actually help you identify vaping as a way better alternative to traditional smoking – as far as your health is concerned. There are studies that have proven that vaping can actually decrease the number of tobacco related deaths and illnesses as well.

Do You Know that Traditional Smoking in Banned in Certain Countries?

What more? Blame it on the health hazards of traditional “smoke” or for that matter its smell, there are several countries that have banned indoor smoking as well. The smell of the electronic cigarettes – on the other hand, are way lighter than that of traditional cigarettes. As such, they end up impacting your social life in no way whatsoever! Think about the discomfort of a non-smoker partner or for that matter a friend around a compulsive smoker!

So, anyone who is still weighing the health benefits of vaping should be prudent enough to educate themselves about the myriad health benefits of electronic cigarettes or vaping and make the switch without delay!

Stay away from tobacco! Stay away from harmful carcinogen!