Tips For Treating Uncomfortable Varicose Veins

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Treating varicose veins depends on a number of factors. Dr. Manuel E. Abella at Abella Health in Miami has the knowledge to diagnose and treat uncomfortable varicose veins based on individualized patient needs.

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Try home remedies with medical supervision

The first step some people take for their aching, painful legs due to varicose veins is to try home remedies. Patients without expertise in diagnosing and treating varicose veins do not know the extent of the condition.

When a medical professional suggests an exercise routine, wearing compression stockings or other home remedies, the vein doctor makes those recommendations based on your specific condition. You likely need to consult a physician before undertaking any treatment on your own.

Sclerotherapy treats uncomfortable varicose veins

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that consists of injecting specific chemicals into the affected vein. This minimally invasive procedure helps relieve some of the pain associated with varicose veins and improves the appearance of the veins.

A vein doctor treats varicose veins using sclerotherapy on the calves, around the ankles, thighs and feet.

Some physicians use laser surgery

Laser surgery treatment involves directing light energy from a laser directly onto one or more varicose veins.

This procedure, usually performed every four to six weeks, typically treats smaller varicose veins.

Endovenous ablation procedures are sometimes necessary

Endovenous ablation involves making a small incision in the skin, close to the uncomfortable varicose vein.

The doctor then inserts a small catheter through the incision. Lasers or radio waves then heats the inside of the vein and closes it off.

Other medical procedures are used for severe varicose veins

Vein stripping and ligation involves tying and then removing the damaged veins through small incisions. This requires general anesthesia.

There are many types of varicose veins treatment. You and your vein doctor decide which is the best option for you.