Top Tips For Choosing The Right Gym Wear

Some say it’s all about the look, others say it’s all about comfort. Can’t we just combine the two and look and feel fabulous? There are so many brands that promise both aspects and prices range drastically. How do you know you have both comfort and the technical specs to help you maximise your workouts?

Have you ever spent a lot of money on a pair of leggings and after a few washes they’ve stretched or when you bend over in the gym, glance at your butt in the mirror and notice your thong shining through? Terribly embarrassing right? Below are a few pointers for when you are shopping for your workout gear.

Selecting the fabric type – look for a synthetic fibre that will allow your skin to breathe by wicking or drawing the sweat away from your body. This helps keep you cool while you exercise. Look out for Polyester, Lycra and spandex.

Choose good brand clothes with specific workout technology – You don’t need to go for the most expensive brands but brands that specialise in these types of clothes. You wouldn’t eat fish in a steakhouse now would you?

Pay attention to fit – get a good stretch. Everyone has a different body shape, so buying what the size 2 mannequin is wearing isn’t going to suit everyone. Don’t you hate it when the flat chested model is wearing a high support/high impact sports bra? It’s just not realistic people!

Tailor your attire to the specific activity – Don’t wear hiking trousers on a cycle ride. The legs will get caught in the pedals or chain. I have also learned not to wear ankle boots up Snowdon. If you’re going on a long hike you need ankle support to prevent you from twisting your ankle or even breaking it. Wear tight fitting but stretchy material for most activities.

Wear supportive undergarments – it is highly recommended not to wear a thong whilst going on a long cycle or walk or in the gym. Ladies, you know what i’m talking about!

Choose clothes according to your needs – consider the exercise or workout. Running attire would be different to a yoga class. You want comfort as well as support.

Layer your workout clothes during colder months – I am not sure I will ever have this one mastered. Apparently you need to layer up so that you can take off layers whilst running. You should be able to tie it around your waist.

Wear the appropriate footwear – outdoor running shoes would be different to indoor running or gym shoes, I found this to be tricky but you know you can always ask the stockist for some additional help on this. You want extra grip for outdoor and you would want your trainers to be thin and breathable to prevent slippery, sweaty feet.

Don’t forget the accessories. These are always important and make your workout bearable and even fun. I’m always on the lookout for discount codes that get me a good deal on a nifty little accessory.