What Are Feminized Ganja Seeds And Why Are They Preferred?

Most of the ganja that you smoke inhale in the form of vapor or eat as edible are all products of feminized ganja seeds. The feminized seeds are responsible for giving you all the good stuff and helping you achieve the high you want to experience. This article will explain what feminized ganja seeds are and why growing Feminized Ganja Seeds are preferred.

1- What is feminized ganja seeds?

As the name suggests, the females are responsible for the production of feminized ganja seeds. The female plants carry all the crucial genetics like cannabinoids that are again classified as THC, CBD, etc. that gives the weed plants its characteristics of psychoactive abilities and healing properties.

The biggest difference between feminized ganja seeds and regular ganja seeds is that in regular ganja seeds, you get both male and female plants. Whereas in feminized ganja seeds, you only get female plants. Female plants are used for consumption and smoking. On the other hand, male plants are only used for breeding, and other than that, they do not serve any purpose. Therefore it is not a profitable option to throw away half of the plants because they are males. Your money, time, space, and effort are wasted.

It is also difficult to spot a female plant during the flowering time. One way to identify the female plants is by looking at their pistils. The color of any female plants is never green; instead, they are white and wispy. When growing, people have also reported hermaphrodite plants in the mix, which ruin the crop by spilling out the pollen. Usually, the male plants are thrown away, but some are kept for breeding purposes, and the rest are thrown.

2- Why are feminized ganja seeds preferred?

Since when you grow regular plants, you have to throw away half of the plants as male plants. To get good results and high yields, only the female plants are harvested. When planting feminized ganja seeds, you get good returns, and also, the entire area gives ganja that is edible and can be sold.

The produce made by feminized ganja seeds will be 100% edible, and feminized ganja seeds always produced buds. You save throwing away any plants, and you will be happy that all the plants planted by you will give good yields if proper care is taken. You need not waste your time wondering if the plants will be male or female.

Since the female plants do not have pollen sacs, you do not have to worry about pollination chances. The growers have an upper hand n the growth of the plant breeding, and they get what they ordered in the case of feminized ganja seeds.

Wrapping up

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