3 Basic Points: How Hair Transplant Solves Baldness

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure that treats hereditary baldness by regenerating the original hair roots from the patient’s own body. It is taken as the permanent solution to treat male pattern baldness as well as the female pattern hair loss. The surgical restoration of hair implies the fact that the roots are taken from the donor site, where hair growth experiences and later transferred to the same into the recipient area where hair loss/baldness experienced. This shifting process of hair roots is different from other plastic & cosmetic surgery procedure that works on the basis of the natural hair regrowth applies some sort of surgical steps, i.e., the extraction of roots, either by the FUT or FUE and the rest of the steps like slitting, hairline design, and implantation of hair roots is all about the artistic skills that a Surgeon should possess at a higher level. It is a matter of concern in the hair transplant procedure that the artistic step should go in an accurate and correct manner in order to achieve the best results of the procedure and that’s why the importance of choosing the hair transplant Surgeon and clinics are on the top focus. The hair transplant in India offers us the best choice of selection in terms of getting the expert Surgeon as well as the reputed centres and all at a very easy and accessible price.

Here we are listing the 3 basic Points about the efficiency of a hair transplant procedure as follows:

  1. It Regenerates the Hair Roots: The procedure of hair transplant is a simple surgical procedure that regenerates the hair roots as a natural effect of the shifting process. The shifting of hair roots involves the donor area as well as the recipient bald area and done via the extraction of follicular units. The regenerating character of hair roots is altogether a natural process as the roots are taken from the patient’s own scalp and transplanted into the patient’s own scalp. However, there is no chance of any kind of side effects. The regeneration of natural hair fulfills the natural expectation of the surgery and a patient enjoys the re-growth of hair as a head full of hair.
  2. The Transplanted Hair retains the characters of original hair roots: The main characteristic of hair transplantation procedure is their tendency to retain the original hair root’s character despite being transplanted to another location other than the safe donor portion. Generally, the hair roots are extracted from the safe donor area, usually, the back & sides of the scalp; which possess the DHT-resistant properties and never fall out nor miniaturized. When these roots are transplanted to the bald areas, it retains their resistivity characteristic despite being transplanted and fulfills the best cosmetic goal of the surgery.
  3. The Hair Transplantation is a single Permanent Solution: The procedure of hair transplant has a merit of regenerating the original hair roots by the transferring process of hair roots and gives the permanent solution to hair loss/baldness. The procedure targets on the extraction only from the safe donor area of the scalp, which contains the DHT-resistant hair roots and hence results lasted forever. Therefore, the hair transplant Surgeon focuses on the FUT hair transplant in almost all cases until there is no peculiar cause for receiving the FUE technique.


In the nutshell, we can say that the cosmetic surgery procedure of hair restoration is one of the safest, painless, scarless, and effective treatments of hair loss/baldness that has a natural regeneration character for re-growth of hair that remains on the scalp forever. Once the transplantation is done, then there is no need to give extra care, maintenance or medications as it allows the natural hair growth process.