ASD Market Week brings together various industries including CBD leaders

The ASD Market Week is about to conclude and the past days have been great for the event. The B2B trade show brought several industries together in Las Vegas, Nevada. It opened a lot of opportunities for both the consumer and companies in attendance.

The B2B trade show is attended by thousands of interested consumers from all corners of the globe. About 98 percent of those in attendance have major purchasing power. According to the event organizers, the buyers spend an average of $82,500 per show, making it a good spot for businesses to gain a new customer base.

On the flip side, established names and upcoming brands participated in the ASD Market Week. Among the standouts were leading hemp and CBD distributors and retailers, who also impressed last year. During their time at the trade show, some companies launched new products lines for all to enjoy.

CBD community braces for new products coming this year

At the event, the Marijuana Company Of America INC. (OTC:MCOA) revealed that its subsidiary, Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC, is going to launch a brand called Benihemp. The line of products under the Benihemp brand include topicals, tinctures, and edible that cater to a specific type of retailer.

The markets for Benihemp are convenience stores, truck stops, and other retail markets which according to Benihemp’s Sam Girges, is one of the biggest markets for CBD distribution. He adds that the convenience store marketplace set a record-breaking sale of $140 billion in the previous year.

Also present at the ASD Market Week is PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). Last month, it revealed the Meds Biotech line for the health conscious who are looking for pharmacist-formulated CBD products. Then, its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, unveiled the company’s 2018 line of CBD products at the ASD Market Week. As a top provider of the finest and purest CBD-derived products, we can expect this year’s new product line to be of the same quality, if not an improvement of their previous offerings.


After Diamond CBD’s stellar market performance last year, they are stepping up their CBD game with unique new products to overcome the bar that they have set. The company and its subsidiary continue to deliver high-quality products and as such, it has become a loved brand in the industry.

The Marijuana Company of America and PotNetwork further increased the market potential of CBD with their reveals during the jam-packed event. Their recent and upcoming ventures are set to expand the user-base of the miracle compound and sure enough, the products they are about to deliver are going to be amazing again.

With over 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries, the CBD industry has never been exposed to such a wide audience, and this could be good news for the revolution of the miracle compound.