Causes of pigmentation

Dark spots are a kind of blemish which no one actually wants to have. There are various reasons owing to which such spots appear, however what is important is to treat them on time and get rid of them at the earliest. No matter you have dark, light or brown skin pigmentation can appear on any of them. However there are chances that people with dark skin tend to have more brown spots, but that does not at all means that people with white skin are not going to have it. There are various causes which contribute to pigmentation out of which some of them have been listed below.

Plucking facial hair

Having moustache is one of the biggest shocks for women. Owing to the facial hair, women tend to use tweezers or even undergo wax or threading to get rid of it. Sadly all of this causes the skin to get inflamed leading to pigmentation. This is one of the most common reasons of pigmentation in women. Similarly as men regularly shave their facial hair it also causes pigmentation to appear. While it appears to be a normal scenario in case of men, it seems somewhat absurd in case of women. In such a situation it is best to visit Shakura and remove pigmentation for Asians in Singapore

Imbalances in hormonal level

Imbalances in hormonal level are again one of the common reasons of inflammation or pigmentation in women. Women often resort to pregnancy or birth control bills and this leads to hormonal imbalance in their body. Such hyperpigmentation usually appears on face as brown patches. For women to get rid of it, they should resort to early treatment and follow the tips as suggested by professionals. Apart from pigmentation, skin darkening is another common phenomenon in pregnant women. This often tends to disappear after child is delivered, however if in case solution is not achieved in time it is good to opt for common methods of treatment for pigmentation removal.

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Long working hours on laptop

In today’s fast pace world, people tend to spend a lot of their time in front of computers. Well it would be surprising to know that computers or laptops are one of the probable reasons of pigmentation. The bottom of laptop releases heat and such warmth can cause the skin to darken. This is one of the reasons people are suggested not to use laptops while placing it on their laps. For individuals who are an ongoing laptop user, it is best for them to opt for a tray table. However for individuals who have realized it late, they must get in touch with professionals at Shakura and get themselves treated against pigmentation.


Pigmentation undoubtedly is one of the most common skin disorders, and this can get worse if it appear on women. Hence for girls out there who are too conscious on their looks and would not want to compromise on anything, go ahead and visit Shakura. It has the best products and most experienced professionals hired on job who can provide you correct guidance and also treat you in the least possible time.