Tips and tricks to maintain your hot tub

So, you bought a hot tub and had been enjoying for quite some time. But how often have you cleaned it? Or check for any blockages in the spa filter? How do you maintain the spa and hot tub on a regular basis? In a place where you rest and relax and let go of any tensions, you must also make sure that it is clean and healthy and actually, not causing any infections, especially if you are sharing it with multiple people – even though they might be from your own family. Standing water is one of the leading causes of infections. Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain your spa.

Cover the hot tub! And clean the cover regularly

The first step to avoid any outside germs and insects etc. is to cover it up using one of those spa cover. They help keep it away from the outside dust and keep it clean. You can use bleach to clean the cover once in 2-3 months.

Drop a few tennis balls in the tub

In order to avoid body oils, shampoos, body lotions and any such product to enter the spa filter, drop a few tennis balls into the hot tub. The oils and such on these products will adhere to the tennis balls and prevent it from entering the spa filter. These balls will also catch hold of the hair that enters the tub making it easier to clean.

Use a hose filter for filling the water

Fill the hot tub with the cleanest water you can in order to avoid frequent cleaning. Attach a water filter to the hose itself so that the water is clean before it enters the hot tub.

Clean out the spa filter

Clean your spa filters on a regular basis to avoid blockage or before it gets worse and needs a professional. You can use spray cleaners for the same.