How Long Does It Take To Get Your Bachelor’s Degree?

Wealth opportunities wait as soon as you earn a professional status. However, earning a professional status requires a commitment to time and effort as you pursue your chosen degree. Responsibilities are also other considerate factors that affect your pursuit of higher education. Of course, if you are a working adult, you are already bound by work and maybe family commitments. Hence in this situation, you are concerned about how to fit pursuing a degree into your already busy schedule. In this case, you will intent to look for a program that is of time of paramount importance for you. In the midst of your busy schedule, how long does it take to earn your bachelor’s degree?

The listed factors will help you gauge how long it will take to earn your bachelor’s degree

Method of study

The length of time required to complete a bachelors degree program depends on the method chosen to pursue the degree. A campus-based student will take typically four to five years to earn a bachelor’s degree. If you choose to take a bachelor’s degree program online, then it will take a shorter duration to complete the program. Southern New Hampshire University offers flexible online degree programs that make it possible for you to complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as 36 months. Therefore, if you choose to pursue their online studies, you are an advantage by getting access to a complete virtual campus that you can access whenever and wherever you are if you have an internet connection.

Pacing options

A pace is a set time-frame required to complete your degree program within the set time-frame. The University of Phoenix is an online university that offers different pacing options for degree programs. The pacing options aim to meet the different needs of students of all ages, backgrounds, and profession. The speed you opt to work with will determine the duration of your bachelor’s degree program.


A bachelor’s degree can be structured in such a way that it is completed within a shorter time frame. Hence an accelerated degree is a full bachelor’s degree program that is structured to be completed in a shorter time frame. The accelerated program is most cases are designed for mature working adults who prefer to complete their degree quickly by engaging themselves in an intensive, ongoing coursework. The University of Phoenix  offers an accelerated degree program in which students take two courses every five weeks after their first term of study. An accelerated pace takes 18 credits per quarter for students at University of Phoenix.

Transfer credits

Transfer credit is an academic credit awarded for previous formal study, work, training or military experience. It is important to look for a university that can conduct a prior learning credit you deserve for past work and learning experience. Time-saving can be a key benefit of transfer credit you deserve for past work and learning experience. In case you are a veteran or a military service member, then your skills, knowledge, and experience are highly valued and recognized. Therefore, explore options for earning credit for your military experience.


A decelerated program is structured to help students cope with their coursework better by allowing them more scope for adjustment and time to catch up with their studies. The decelerated program allows students to enroll in one course per term. A decelerated program takes nine credits per quarter at the  University of Phoenix



Traditional college students’ usually take the full-time study method. Full-time students take 13.5 credits per quarter at the University of Phoenix. In most cases, full time requires most of your time as in entails a campus-based study.

It depends with how much time you are willing to devote to your studies in order to earn the bachelor’s degree of your choice, amidst a busy schedule of work, family, and other commitments. It is important to delve deeper into matters of further studies in order to make the right choice. Additionally, you can speak to University of Phoenix admissions advisor for more professional advice on available options to meet your requirements and lifestyle.