What Is Lung Cancer Screening And Why Doctor Recommend It?

Lung cancer is a common disease among people who smoke a lot and you can easily find so many chain smokers worldwide. The common symptom of lung cancer are coughing, blood in cough, short breathes, body pain and breathing problems. However, some people don’t have any sort of symptoms even if they have the lung cancer. It can occur due to many reasons like being in the beginner stage or something else.

Screen is the only option in such conditions and basically, most of doctor recommends screening in early stages or there are no symptoms. It help them choosing the right medication strategy for the patient and treating them perfectly. When it comes to lung cancer, most of doctor recommends low-dose CT scan. Lots of people take the treatment by lung cancer screening Singapore and it is really helpful. Basically, an X-ray machine is used to scan the body and there is a low dose of radiation makes the pictures of lungs tissues.

Patients Who Require Screening

There can be many reasons that one should go through screening but here we are mentioning some of the conditions. If these conditions match to you then screening is really vital.

  • Someone who used to do smoking and it must be on heavily bases.
  • People who are smoking now and from couple of years.
  • The history of smoking last 15 years or more than this.
  • People who smoked in young age and now in age group of 55 to 80.

These are some of the conditions when should take into consideration as if he/she thinking about screening. It is really important to be screened to avoid the issues like lung cancer. There are lots of issues of lung cancers this is the reason one should prefer screening instead of ignoring it.

Risks of Screening

A person suffering from lung cancer has few risks of screening and one should know about these as he/she is getting screened from couple of years.

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  • Sometimes the screen can show results that aren’t true. Many cases are reported of having no lung cancer but the screening proved these things. It can lead to many risks lately that’s why it is better to consult with other doctors of having any doubt.
  • There is also a chance of getting issues with the radiation of LDCT. It can occur with people who don’t have any kind of issue. Even chances of getting cancer are there when the repeated testes are done on a person.

Even it can show the over diagnosis results and it may lead to other treatments that aren’t required. These are some positive/negative factors one should know before heading over to lung cancer screening Singapore. Even it is also important to stop smoking so that no issue occurs in the future.   

Bottom Line

It is true that there are some negative factors of lung screening but it can help in the proper diagnosis too. This is the reason that you consult with few doctors as if results aren’t in favor.