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Clínica Estética Vicario in more than 40 years (1974) of dedication I would highlight the willingness to offer the latest advances and techniques, with the permanent concern of expanding and improving the range of treatments aimed at each specific problem in Madrid and Valencia. It is for this reason that was never a franchise, by the value that we always give the individualized treatment, which, together with all the therapeutic possibilities and scientific advances that we join in order to correct or lessen the particular problem of each patient. Thanks always to our cadre of specialists who collaborate or that we derive. The best medical and surgical professionals of different specialties related to the aesthetics, to the health and well-being both physical and mental. Clinic Vicar to say that the work was initiated by the Dra. Josefina Vicario, a pioneer in Spain of Aesthetic Medicine, in its beginnings with the loss of localized volume, mesotherapy and facial rejuvenation, with exclusive and patented techniques as mesolift ® , 3D-LIFT®… In 1983 gave the head of Aesthetic Medicine that he possessed as a Limited Society Distinguished Professor Dr.

Font Riera with the purpose of being able to create the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, the currently S.E.M.E., Scientific Organization Non-profit organization, internationally approved that encourages a formal training for professionals in aesthetic medicine in Spain . Just say that being aware and participate in the demand for an Aesthetic Medicine that requires formal university training and scheduled. And even though the logical budgetary difficulties that represents to be able to do so within the Public Health training system, which hardly comes to cover basic needs, budget and that still continues to provide the highest quality thanks to the responsibility and professionalism of all evil medical a collective. I would like to congratulate the only related Medical Societies and especially to the S.E.M.E that for decades has fought so hard to get that training and above all to highlight their part in Congresses, through its publications and get to make a reality of the professional concern that brings together a group that always wanted to meet the needs of a part of the society that has required to be supported in the best possible scientific training. Dra.

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Virginia Vicario is director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Service, and the Service of Aesthetic Medicine, from the year 1991 up to the present. She holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, Clinic Hospital of Barcelona. Postgraduate in Nutrition, Dietetics and Diet Therapy from the University of Navarra. Develops its training in Aesthetic Medicine in France and Belgium. He is a member of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, French and Spanish Societies of Aesthetic Medicine, the Spanish Society of Phlebology and Lymphology and the European Anti-Aging Society. She currently directs the Nutrition and Dietetics, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Clinics Vicar. Dr. Ricardo Vicario is the coordinator of the unit of surgery. Superficial Liposculpture introducer in Spain, formed in the school of Prof. Luiz Sergio Toledo Professor of Post-graduate Education in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ISAPS, is a member of the scientific committee and currently representative of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the United Arab Emirates.

The liposculpture superficial and the autologous lipoinjerto facial with the technique that bears his name, which along with the Prof. Marco Gasparotti are creators of this superficial Liposuction surgical procedure initiated by illouz and Fournier . In Mejor Clínica Estética Barcelona Our mission will be to always give the most optimal results, fruit of the experience, research and to combine the beneficial effects of the Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. We help the latest advances , new technologies and non-conventional medicine. Paying special attention to the more advanced therapies in the prevention of health and Anti-Aging, without ever forgetting the natural treatments we rely on the high level of training and in the particular sensitivity and criterion of the aesthetics of our medical team and the best specialists and partners. Always Looking For from the ethics and the greatest humility the excellence in the attention. Always trying to meet the expectations of the patient and to be overcome in order to achieve the best results. Always giving to understand that both the medicine as the personal perception of the aesthetics (…) In spite of our efforts are not an exact science, but if that our efforts will go toward to do everything possible and that is within our reach.