Review of Santamedical generation 2 OLED Pulse Oximeter

Earlier the pulse oximeters were generally used in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities but nowadays, these are slowly making their appearances in new locations such as fitness centers and gyms. These unique devices are used to measure the overall fitness level of the individual and therefore are used at the fitness centers.

The fingertip pulse oximeter is a unique device which intends to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood and the pulse rate of the individual. Medically the device is used by the individuals who are suffering from asthma, COPD or other respiratory concerns. The tool is a noninvasive option and is typically used widely in settings such as hospitals, medical clinics, operating rooms, and even homes.

The oxygen saturation monitor is inexpensive and can provide the user with the accurate reading in a matter of seconds. It is the best and most convenient solution for the individual with respiratory concerns to have their blood oxygen level regularly checked in order to keep the condition stable.

Pulse oximeter is an efficient tool to help athletes unleash their true potential with more effective workouts. These powerful performance-monitoring tools are low cost, easy to use and accurate, therefore making it a smarter decision for an individual to invest in it. The oximeter is a great tool for athletes as during the period of high-intensity training, there is a tendency for blood oxygen levels to drop and the main aim of the athlete is to keep the muscles working harder and longer for an extended period of time. It is considered that the oxygen-rich muscles can help improve the overall muscular function and overall body performance of the individual. Therefore, the pulse oximeter is considered as a valuable training tool for the athletes. The device is easy to use, compact, motion resistant and can provide the user with consistent and accurate calculations.

Athletes can choose to use the tool or the system during strenuous workouts. Endurance, speed, and efficiency are all important goals for any athlete and maintaining an effective oxygen range can drastically improve one’s overall performance. Using a pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen levels while working out can help the user to make adjustments so that one can get more equalized oxygen flow throughout the workout session. It is the best solution for every individual who frequently participates in a vigorous exercise at the high altitude area, wearing the device while hiking or climbing in the high altitude area can help avoid hypoxia.

It is not only a great solution for the sports people but any individual affected by respiratory illness including asthma and emphysema can get benefit from it. Using the fingertip pulse oximeter can help avoid the alarming respiratory attack as the intense exercises can often shorten the breath rate.