Workers’ Compensation Claim In Ontario: You Need To Meet A Lawyer

When injured on the job, you should seek medical care. If your injuries are severe, it could mean spending huge on treatment and medical bills, which can quickly exhaust your finances. The workers’ compensation system in Ontario is meant to provide financial assistance during the trying time. The system is not based on fault, but if you file a claim and your employer chooses to dispute the same, you won’t get compensation until the judge decides on the case. Expectedly, you cannot deal with everything alone, which is why it is essential to have an experienced Ontario workers compensation attorney on your side.

When do you qualify for workers’ compensation?

You need to be an employee on the company’s payroll and not a contractor to get workers’ compensation benefits. Your medical condition, injury, or illness should be related to your job or work environment. You must also inform the employer of the injury or discovery of the occupational disease within 30 days. If you adhered to these steps, you probably have a valid case, although facts and circumstances may vary.

Things to know

Note that your employer has the authority to choose the doctor you see for the first checkup. In other words, you can see a doctor later if you want, provided they are within the medical network of your employer. Also, inform your supervisor within the recommended time to avoid your claim being at stake.

Meeting an attorney

Many law firms in Ontario review workers’ compensation claims without an upfront fee, and at the least, you should seek input and advice from an expert. The first meeting also allows you to discuss many details. The attorney will advise you to keep all records related to your medical treatment, which can be evidence to show that you were injured while working. The lawyer will also explain the claims process and take care of the documentation, which should be filed with relevant forms to the insurance carrier.

Taking further steps

Your workers’ compensation attorney is also in charge of keeping up with deadlines and ensuring all relevant steps are duly followed. They will also negotiate for you and ensure you get a fair outcome. If the case is disputed or there are issues related to your employer’s action, they will explore the additional options you can consider.

Talk to an attorney today to learn more about handling a workers’ compensation claim and how to avoid common mistakes.