Effective Ways to Deal with Work Anxiety

Work anxiety can have a greatly negative impact on your life and performance at work. For a person dealing with anxiety, workplace competition and pressure to step up your performance and meet deadlines can make it ten times worse. Due to this, your work quality becomes affected as well as your quality of life, relationship with colleagues and friends. 

If you are having severe anxiety, you can always consult a doctor and start treatment. You can search through online pharmacy source for getting your prescribed anti-anxiety medicines. With medical help, you can work through ways to curb your anxiety at work. Take a look at some of the tips you can do to help your anxiety keep low.

  1. Know Names of Your Colleagues

Having a good, cordial one-to-one relationship with people at work can make it easier for you to address problems with the concerned individuals rather than venting your anger on others. This starts by knowing people’s names and their role at the workplace. If you forget a person’s name, do not hesitate to ask again. Try to build a strong relationship with your colleagues and peers.

  1. Ask For Help

Know that work can become hectic at the office and the burden can make you feel anxious. Do not agree to do other people’s tasks if you know you cannot do it. Politely decline if someone asks you to do their work. Also, ask for help from your colleagues if you feel overwhelmed with tasks all of a sudden. Asking for help also helps your superiors know that you want to do a good job.



  1. Avoid Triangles

Many workplaces have an environment where people group together to vent or gossip about other people at the office. This may trigger your anxiety and bring you into stress. Avoid being part of such gatherings where colleagues are making fun of you or other people at the office. Bonding with someone by gossiping about a third person is called “triangling,” which is an unhealthy practice to undergo at work or anywhere else. 

  1. Use Neutral Language

Use neutral and calming language in the office to help bring down your colleagues’ anxiety and stress at work. Disagreements about work tasks and decisions may get uncomfortable but you can make it more manageable by starting your statement with, “Here’s what I’m thinking,” and end your statement with, “What are you thinking?” This makes the other person feel positive and thinks that they can participate. This kind of positive tone also gives good vibes.

  1. Don’t Drag Others Down

Office drama can make the workplace environment more stressful and lowers the overall morale of you and your colleagues. Try changing the subject when people talk negatively about the boss or other co-workers. Simply come up with an excuse to leave the room. Do not be a part of something that seems to drag others down. This will harm your mental health.