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This clinic believes in a new and connected healthcare world where health patients can easily get access to the information they need to find the right treatment for themselves. To be able to do this, these patients need to verify information and be able to find and compare that treatment that they need through various clinics and physician experts. They also need to be able to afford such treatment with the same quality of care with shorter waiting lines. This can all be done with .

Numerous patients

It has been noticed that the number of patients that cannot afford treatment they need, or want, is growing every day. Why then not at least help them to compare and find the right treatment for them according to their budget. It also knows for instance that nearly everyone someday has thought of doing some cosmetic surgery, but this is a huge gap between making up your own mind and going ahead! This is the main belief of our vision, be able to quickly make up your mind and do it, by using the search engine at www.123.clinic you are able to be active and make an informed choice.


Our vision differs from others in the way there are no ads, nor sponsorship programs in our website. We are not a community, nor do a directory and we not “lock” patients by sending them to some clinics we would like them to reach. Each patient can freely discuss with physicians, there is no preferred clinic, and they are merely sorted alphabetically.


Our goal is that each patient can be able to find the right treatment while having checked the relevant physician, clinic team, right price and the best moment to book its consultation and even his/her following procedure.

Our services

Recently, the popularity of medical tourism has exploded due to many reasons including:

  • Substantial financial savings of 30 to 90%;
  • No insurance or bureaucratic qualifications needed;
  • Speedy treatment;
  • Sand, surf, and surgery? Absolutely! Get treated and recover in a stunning vacation destination.

If this sounds like a dream scenario for getting treated faster than you normally would, while enjoying a dream vacation and saving thousands of dollars, then you have come to the right place.