Are You Affected By Low Penis Self-Esteem?

Every man wants to feel confident about his junk. Believe it or not, even men with large penises are worried about what they look like to others and whether they’re performing well in the bedroom.

There are a number of reasons why men can feel self-conscious including curves, size, scars, freckles, unevenness and length. Others are also insecure about the smell of their penis or their foreskin.

If your self-esteem has taken a knock because of how you perceive your penis, here are a few things that you should know.

Why you shouldn’t let your penis affect your self-esteem

Vaginas aren’t that deep

While you may think that longer is better because it would be more pleasing to a woman, know that the average vagina isn’t deeper than 7 – 10cms. Better yet, the G-spot is also about 5cms inside so you don’t need to have much to reach it.

Your penis is more than likely already big enough

Do you truly know what an average size penis is meant to look like? Be sure that you have the facts before you decide that your member is too small. Research shows that the average erect penis is around 14cms so don’t compare yourself to what you see in porn movies. If you would prefer to be larger and are looking for the best tips on how to increase penis girth, consider penis injections, which are both safe and effective.

Your penis smells just fine

Unless you’ve been exercising for a week straight and haven’t bothered to shower, your penis should smell just fine. Stick to the hygiene basics and you can’t go wrong.

It tastes fine too

Again, if you’re sticking to the basics of hygiene, there is no reason why your penis should taste bad so don’t let this be a reason why you have low penis self-esteem.

Your penis is pretty handy

You can pee absolutely anywhere, which is something that you should be proud of. From the side of the road to a mountaintop, a penis makes it possible to relieve yourself pretty much anywhere.

Theirs is nothing wrong with foreskin

While you may have heard that women don’t like foreskin, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, women have different preferences but foreskin makes it really easy for them to glide their hands up and down. With that being said, no foreskin is just as appealing and whether or not you have it shouldn’t determine how confident you feel about your penis.

Ejaculation is quite a display

Yes, the ecstasy of orgasm is great but ejaculation is quite an awesome display too so embrace it and enjoy what your penis can do. Yes, women do ejaculate too but it’s not as easy to achieve so be proud of what your penis can do.

Overall, your penis is an amazing creation and since there is no “perfect” penis, so why not embrace the uniqueness of your member and celebrate all it can do.