Surrogacy – Is it a Solution to a Problem?

For many couples who cannot have biological children, the option of renting a womb is a good solution. Despite being illegal in some countries, many people travel to the country (where permitted) to hire this service and to fulfill their dream. That is why more and more specialists in reproductive medicine are struggling to legalize this practice. Did you use the services of a rental womb?

What is meant by rental mother?

It is a procedure with which a woman offers her womb to perform the gestation of a baby from a different couple who has fertility issues. One time, the baby is born, it is handed over to other couple who becomes legally the parents, whereas the woman who gave birth of the child renounces all their rights being a mother.

The major reasons that make various couples to use this process are: the woman has a deformed or totally deformed uterus, as in some women suffered with cancer.

There’re two kinds of surrogacy: gestational and traditional. In first case, the woman is manually inserted sperm of the person as general sperm donor. The woman going to be pregnant is called biological mother, will give the newly born baby in adoption to the other couple, a process that should be adjusted to the regulations of every country.

In the other case, the couple donates an ovum or more that will be made fertile in vitro using couple’s sperm. This embryo then transferred to gestational mother, who will develop the baby in her womb. In the gestational rental of a womb, in the birth certificate of newly born baby, the parents will be written who have donated the ovum and sperm. It means that it registers as the baby of couple who has fertility problems.

The proceedings are unrelated and distinct to adoption. There are no adoptive families; the laws about adoption are different from those governing the procedure of hiring mothers in countries wherever both processes are lawful. In the case of the surrogacy in Ukraine, the parents are those who like to have their own baby, and to do this, they use their own egg and sperm but they are not producing baby. In addition, if one of them is incapable in any way there’s always the option to use donor eggs or sperm. The surrogate mother must understand from the start that the child in her womb is not her.

Although this method is legal in Ukraine, more and more Ukrainian families are using this method to have a child. Couples who suffer from infertility pay between 60 and 75 thousand Euros for a woman to give them the uterus.