Breakfast Seitan Sausage Patties

If you’ve tried to make seitan sausage patties and failed, here is a tested recipe that will be one of your favorites. This is quick and easy to make, they are meal-prep friendly and are perfect for busy days. You can east them with mustard, cheese, tofu or your favorite sauce. These patties have a thick, delicious texture. Make them ahead and have a 3-minute breakfast tomorrow.

When I cook a vegetarian version of the dish, I don’t want to taste something that tries to mimic the flavor of meat. I want to taste vegetables but cook in a delicious way (even better than the original version!). I don’t want my vegetarian sausage patties taste like the traditional ones. I just want to get inspired by the ones that are made with meat. Vegetarian patties are made with delicious lentils, and a lot of flavor comes from black pepper, fennel and other spices.

When I was learning how to make patties, I though it’s really hard and challenging. Once I got the technique right, I could get the same flavor and texture every time I make them. Now I can cook patties really quickly and freeze a big batch for the next days. You only need 5 minutes to mix up the patties, and baking requires 10 minutes more. Then you can enjoy a delicious, home-made dinner. Sometimes I eat them plain without any sauce because they are so delicious. You probably already have the majority of ingredients in your fridge, and the rest can be found in any grocery store. Cooked patties re-warm really well and you can keep them in a freezer for a week.

Seitan sausage got me trying multiple times to have the perfect result. I wouldn’t recommend doing them for the first time for brunch with friends and family because you might not get the best results from the first try. Since they are made of seitan and lentils, you can accidentally make them too dry. You should be very careful with the ratio of liquid to wheat gluten. The balance is very delicate. If you precisely follow the recipe, you should get juicy patties. Just make sure you measure everything carefully.

This recipe is a perfect way to cook seitan sausage patties. I have made many versions of them and this one is the best. You can use them in all your lunch and dinner recipes, or just add maple syrup and have a delicious breakfast. The taste is neutral enough to experiment with side dishes and salads. Just make sure your meat substitute is made of wholesome ingredients because they make everything taste better. So, isn’t it fun to challenge yourself a little bit and make your own patties? If you’re anything like me, it really is! Let’s start with the recipe.

Course: breakfast

Cuisine: American

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Total: 20 minutes

Servings: 6 portions

Calories: 210 kcal


125 ml wheat flour

125 ml boiling water

125 vegetable protein

60 ml wheat bran

15 ml yeast

15 ml flax seeds

7 ml sage

15 ml garlic powder

7 ml fennel seeds

4 ml salt

4 ml black pepper

1/8 tablespoon cayenne

7 ml liquid smoke

60 ml water

15 ml maple syrup

45 ml soy sauce

5 ml molasses

1 tablespoon oil


Take boiling water, add protein and let it sit for 5 minutes. Add flour and spices, wait for 30 seconds. Add liquid smoke and stir. The smoke should dissolve in water. Add other liquids to this mix and carefully combine everything together. Take the dough and form patties, each one should be about 0/5 inch thick.

Take a pan, add oil and put over high heat. Fry the patties for 2 minutes on each side or until brown. Cook all patties and serve hot.