Next stop for a Hair Transplant- Jaipur

Look at your hair, you consider it your pride and a key to your confidence. And if you start losing these hairs, you would do anything to bring them back and save them from falling. You are ready to apply any form of Oil, Shampoo take any form of medication. It is upsetting and depressing to lose your hair, because you consider it important for your charismatic look.

Well, instead of wasting tons of money on oils, and shampoos why not get a permanent solution. Yes, there is a permanent solution to your problems and  it is a Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant is a surgical method of removing hair follicles from one part of the body called as the donor site and planting them on the bald or balding side. This the best method to stop your hair loss and recover from the problem permanently.

Do you want to know where you can get it done?

The answer to that is also here, Hair Transplant in Jaipur. Jaipur is an upcoming city in Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant in Jaipur has adopted the newest methods for its treatments. It is amazing how the city has developed and become a pioneer in Hair Transplant. Jaipur is also well known for its surgeons and nurses. The well harboured care and compassion shown by the doctors and nurses are at the top. Jaipur is also a host to many foreigners who visit there to see its marvellous ancient history. Jaipur has updated itself on par with cities like Mumbai and Delhi. It is now competing with such cities to provide the best in medical treatments. Hair Transplant in Jaipur is a growing industry with many clinics and hospitals this treatment it has become easily accessible to the people of Jaipur and related areas.

Ok, now that you know most of the things about Hair Transplant in Jaipur, let’s see what you can be informed about the types of hair transplant in Jaipur

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) the most developed treatment used for hair transplant in Jaipur for most of the patients. It is practiced by most of the reputable doctors in Jaipur. FUE takes place between one long sessions to many small sessions. The surgeons remove 1 to 4 single follicular units of hair under local anaesthesia.  The removed hair is then placed in an already determined density and design through punctures made in the area where grafts are to be received. FUE is a modern and advanced method of hair transplants in Jaipur and it will not leave any scars or changes to your scalp, rather than giving you natural results.

FUT is also a method used in Hair Transplant. FUT is a traditional method. A linear strip of skin bearing hair is taken from the back or side of the scalp. It is then dissected into different single grafts. It is not common in Jaipur as FUE because FUT transplant leaves a scar and takes longer to heal.

Now let’s get down to the hair transplant cost in Jaipur.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is varying. It depends on several factors like:-

  •    Experience of the surgeon
  •    Surgeon team’s experience and efficiency
  •    Clinics Location
  •    Use of Technology
  •    Number of grafts used

You must be thinking that there still must be a standard cost, well most clinics and hospitals charge using per graft required. Each graft in Jaipur cost Rs.35 and it can be combined with the type of hair transplant you want FUT or FUE. But to be honest the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is very affordable, to the point where even the most common people can afford it.

The good news just keeps coming, Hair Transplant in Jaipur also provides EMI options, where you can pay in easy instalments for your surgery. Hair Transplant cost in Jaipur is even cheaper when compared with cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Jaipur is a technologically and medically developed city. It has treatments available for some major diseases and surgeries. Considering Jaipur for a Hair Transplant will surely not be a mistake.

Hair Transplant in Jaipur is affordable and delivered at a fast pace. Many people from around the world travel here to get their Hair Transplant done. Jaipur has many expert surgeons; these surgeons provide a successful transplant and after transplant care. The clinics in Jaipur are all well advanced equipped with modern technologies to provide the best Hair Transplant. The clinics also have a very dedicated team to provide with the best care. The consultation charges in most of the clinics are free.

Looking out for a Hair Transplant, don’t miss out Jaipur!