How Is The Support for Recovering Addicts in New York State?

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The impact of addiction is not only felt by the addict but also by those close and around them. Both the federal and state governments incur high expenditure to cater for rehabilitation.

The United States has seen a drastic increase in cases of opioid overdoses in the last few years and New York State is no exemption. The abuse of hard drugs like opioids has affected the lives of NY residents. The most commonly misused drug is fentanyl which is a mild pain reliever. The substance is a hundred times more powerful than morphine. There are so many cases of overdoses when it is mixed in with heroin by the dealers.

Drug abuse and addiction have fatal consequences on the body of users. There are cases of deaths and chronic organ damage due to the unchecked use of drugs. In Nassau County only, there are over 580 cases of death as a result of an overdose. This is a rising trend compared to the statistics of 2017 during the same period.

Overdependence on alcohol is also a common phenomenon today.  Not merely mentioning the adverse health effects of alcohol abuse, the beverage has detrimental social impacts. The number of accidents caused by drunk drivers is increasing day by day. Families are experiencing conflicts, separations, and divorce, leaving dependents in disarray. This course of events has led to a dire need of alcohol treatment facilities for remedy.

The federal government in conjunction with the NY State government has put in place addictions recovery centers that assist locals in overcoming the menace. Here are some of the facilities in New York State and around that offer services to addicts or those affected by addiction.

a.    New York Center for Living

NYCL offers treatment, education, assessment, and referral services to addicted adolescents, and youths. The center also provides support to those affected by substance abuse. Follow-up services to make sure that addicts fully recover are also an integral part of the non-profit organization.

The institution offers recovery training to addicts through public lectures. They make them understand addiction recovery process and the adverse effects of their habit. In assessment and referral, the facility recommends the best recovery centers for addicts after a comprehensive analysis of their condition.

b.    Comprehensive Counseling  

The center offers addiction counseling through professional counselors and medics who are fully licensed by the state. If you are after a private facility that will provide you or your loved one tailor-made services, the facility is good at it.

c.    Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center

This is an inpatient state-owned facility that offers services for both men and women fighting substance addiction. Before admission, the addicts undergo a rigorous assessment process to identify the need. The center is renowned for chemical therapy to help addicts recover with a low level of care requirement. KATC offers non-profit treatment and payment assistance to the locals for accessibility.

d.    The SAFE Foundation, Inc.

The foundation provides support and counseling services to addicts and their families. The organization also sensitizes the public on the dangers of addiction, its prevention, and recovery process. The facility offers subsidized fee to cater for both low and high-income earners.

e.    Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

For those patients in need of detoxification from drugs and alcohol, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers a safe and comfortable medically supervised detox under the care of the center’s Medical Director.

New York State may have many problems, but there is support