5 Keys to a Happy Nurse

Physicians may understand that nurses are a significant part of any healthcare environment. While some doctors feel it is crucial to focus on where they are buying used medical equipment or on how many patients are on the schedule, the nursing staff is just as vital. Although buying used medical equipment may be a priority, few things should be more important than having a happy and healthy nursing staff. Here are five things that will make any nursing staff happy.

  1. Appropriate Staff

Ok, this one is understandably difficult because turnover rates are an ongoing issue. There are very few things that can prevent it from ever happening, but either way, it is a key factor in keeping any nurse happy. Clearly, everyone is at their best with the proper rest. Nurses care about their patients and the quality of that care often depends on good staffing conditions.

  1. Showing Appreciation

Nurses need love too, and often that little bit of appreciation goes a long way. It’s something that we all want but can easily forget to do. Celebrating milestones and significant life events are gestures they are sure to appreciate.

  1. Being Heard

Nurses love to feel that their input is respected and heard loud and clear. Take just a few minutes out of your day to check in. Ask them how they are doing and take note of any issues or suggestions. Knowing that doctors are listening will make them feel very appreciated.

  1. Collaborating

While taking the time to listen, be sure to collaborate with them regarding patient care. As a doctor, time can be tight, and it isn’t always necessary to get a second opinion. Before you write that prescription or discharge that patient, remember including the nurse in the decision will make them feel more valuable. A nurse that feels valued is happy.

  1. Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, even doctors, so it’s important to remember this when one of the nurses makes an error. Nothing feels worse than feeling chastised after a mistake or having it broadcast amongst the rest of the staff. They don’t want to make mistakes- no one does. Remember to be kind and forgiving. It will ease the humiliation and disappointment the nurse already feels. Feeling supported and knowing that you “have their back” will make a bad situation better.

Doctors and nursing staff rely on each other to ensure the best patient care possible. This partnership requires continual attention and maintenance. Like any team, care and attention must be provided on both sides. The small things add up to the big picture. A happy nurse makes for happy patients, doctors, and a happy healthcare facility.