Reasons to See the Best Oncologist

Treatment for cancer has progressed tremendously throughout the years. The doctor plays just as important of a role in the treatment process as the treatment itself. The oncologist brings skill and the ability to pair a patient with the ideal treatment for him or her, which is among the reasons to select the best oncologist to treat your cancer. 

  1. Improper Treatment Adds to the Statistics

Unfortunately, despite advancements in the treatment of cancer, death is still inevitable in some cases. It’s estimated by the National Cancer Institute that out of the estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer in the United States, approximately 595,690 people will die from it. The American Cancer Society estimated there were 28,000 cases of stomach cancer diagnosed in 2017. Of those cases, 10,960 people will have died from it. Receiving the improper treatment or not receiving treatment in a timely manner adds to these statistics, but with the best oncologist, you have a better chance of fighting it . 

  1. Cancer Survival Rate 

Some cancer survival rates are rather grim, especially if the patient doesn’t receive the proper treatment. The overall five-year relative survival rate for everyone diagnosed with stomach cancer in the United States is approximately 31 percent. This means that after five years of a cancer diagnosis 31 percent of individuals with stomach cancer are still alive. The survival rate for this particular type of cancer is low because most individuals aren’t diagnosed until it’s in its later stage, making treatment more difficult. For the best prognosis, especially for a cancer with a low five-year survival rate, you need the best oncologist.

  1. Progression Without Symptoms 

Cancer oftentimes progresses without any symptoms or unnoticeable ones. A highly skilled oncologist is able to diagnose your condition early enough that you have the best prognosis in terms of going into remission. And if the cancer should happen to progress to a later stage before it’s detected, the best oncologist is able to tackle the problem. 

  1. Treatment Options

Skilled oncologists evaluate the patient’s condition and medical background to determine a course of action that’s ideal for the patient. This requires a doctor who’s going to thoroughly examine the patient and evaluate various courses of action. A skilled oncologist like one at John Wayne Cancer Institute has access to the latest treatments, making the prognosis of a cancer diagnosis a bit more positive. 

  1. Controlling Spread and Metastasizing 

Cancer metastasizes and spreads. A well-educated oncologist understands which cancers metastasize and spread rapidly and how quickly they tend to spread. The oncologist uses this information to formulate a treatment that attacks the cancer before it has an opportunity to spread, and if it already spread, the best oncologist works aggressively to stop it from spreading even further.