A Comprehensive Guide on Wisdom Teeth Removal – What You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth refers to the third set of molars that erupt during the late teens or early twenties. It is estimated that about 85% of people will have to go for wisdom teeth removal procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is a pretty common dental procedure performed by several qualified dentists, however there are several people out there having questions regarding the same such as the wisdom teeth removal price in Sydney. To give you a clear picture about the procedure, this guide will provide you with important facts you need to know:

How to Know if You Need to Remove your Wisdom Teeth?

During your initial consultation with the dentist, they will analyse and let you know if you have an impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom tooth cannot get through the surface of the gums due to the lack of space for it to grow naturally. This could lead to discomfort and pain. Some of them might experience pain during chewing, and notice swelling at the back of their mouth.

How Long is the Procedure?

The time taken for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will be different between cases, however it usually varies from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. There are three common factors that determine this time period and they include – how many wisdom teeth have to be removed, how impacted are the molars, and whether sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide is to be provided.

What are the Possible Side Effects After the Procedure?

Once the procedure is done, it is possible to experience bleeding. Make sure to bite on the gauze provided to you and remember to replace it with a new one. You might also notice swelling of cheeks, which slowly disappears after about a week. You could also experience pain and discomfort, so seek the assistance of your dentist for pain management.

What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

During the initial days after the procedure, make sure to consume only soft foods that require less chewing. Ice cream, smoothies, and soups are some of the best ones. Opt for liquid and soft diet that are nutritious, however avoid using straw for consuming liquid foods. Using straw might loosen blood clots and lead to dry socket, which could be painful. During the first 24 hours, go for liquid diet. In the following four to five days, stick to soft foods.

What is the Period of Recovery After the Procedure?

The process of recovery after removing wisdom teeth in Sydney is usually slow, however the process of healing will be visible with each passing day. Blood clots form during the initial 24 hours. In the next two to three days, swelling of mouth should reduce and after a week, stitches, if any, will be removed. Any feeling of jaw stiffness should go away in the next few days and after that, bruising should disappear.

If you need to get your wisdom teeth removed and to know more about wisdom teeth removal price in Sydney, get in touch with a qualified dentist today.