Do Berkey water purifiers remove Fluoride?

One of the biggest contaminants in the water right now is none other than Fluoride. The NRC in the US revealed that Fluoride could be causing real damage to people when it is found in water. It is believed to have adverse effects on important aspects such as your memory capability and the ability to learn new things. That is a serious consequence, to say the least.

Since discovered to be quite bad, Fluoride has been removed from water, especially in the United States. However, the problem of getting a good filter which deals with this menace proved to be difficult for many. One of the best filters around is the Berkey Water filters. This has led to many people wondering just how effective the Berkey Water purifiers are when matched up against the fluorides. Do the Berkey water purifiers remove Fluoride?

The answer is both yes and no

If you were expecting a straight yes or no, then you would be disappointed to know that it depends on several factors. One of these determinants would be the water pH at that moment. It should be noted that one of the hardest things to remove from water is Fluoride, and the varying water conditions make it even harder. For the Berkey filter, the purifiers which have been commonly used are best for water pH, which are just about 5. When this is the water pH, then the success rate of removing Fluoride from the water through the help of the filtration system is at least 75%

So this means that when the water pH is above 5, then you would probably see reduced chances of complete or significant eradication of the Fluoride from your water. However, there are some purifiers which would help in taking the removal to a whole different level

The PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Filters

One of the most recent filters to come with the Berkey water filter system is the PF-2 Fluoride and arsenic filters, and it has been proven to work a treat. The PF-Fluoride is a new product which is made from aluminum oxide and is said to be the best filter for the elimination of Fluoride from your water. One of the things which make it stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a high surface area which should be about 350 sqm. This is one of the things which makes the removal of Fluoride possible,

The high surface area is then boosted even further by the distribution of the pores by way of their sizes. The sizes of these pores could be anything from 30-100 angstroms. This would ensure that using the act of bulk diffusion; the surface sites would become so much more accessible.

Another unique thing about this new purifiers is the fact that the particle size comes with silica, which is very low by way of volume. Because of how low the silica is, the chances of it forming tetrafluoride would be so much lower than usual. This is what is mainly responsible for the corrosion and clogging issues that most pipes have with other fluoride purifiers.

However, the most ideal water pH which works with this purifiers would still be between the ranges of 5-7. Having this water pH would ensure that you enjoy maximum efficiency with the filter.

Getting your Berkey water filtration system

To get the PF-2 Fluoride, you might need to make sure that you get the Berkey water filtration system. One of the best places to get this filtration system would surely be the USA Berkey Filters. They are known for their ability to deliver great filtration systems. One of the reasons why you should probably use them would be the warranty which comes with the products which they sell. Here are some of the other things which you are set to enjoy with them;

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