Balneotherapy FAQ: Water to Relieve Pain

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Back pain, tendinitis, gonalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatism. These ailments that accompany your daily life are difficult to relieve, to the point of being at the origin of depression for the most intense pain. In some cases, rehabilitation in the pool is wise.

Balneotherapy is practiced since antiquity. Balneotherapy uses the benefits of water to treat joint pain and stiffness.

What is Physiotherapy in Balneotherapy?

First, it should be known that thanks to the buoyancy of Archimedes, the body is lightened by a value that corresponds to the weight of the displaced volume. In other words, you weigh 70 kg, and the weight you feel is 35 kg.

Balneotherapy uses this because its goal is to reduce the stress on the joints or to help the recovery of support quickly during fractures.

What are Its Indications and Contraindications?

The indications are as follows: all that concerns pathologies in rheumatology, ortho-traumatology also in neurology.

For contraindications, include specific skin conditions, open wounds, leaky scars or urinary incontinence. The main axes are the recovery of the articular amplitudes, the work of the force, the balance and the march.

Is it Tiring? Painful?

At the beginning of the treatment, I would tend to say yes. Indeed, the water temperature that relaxes muscle and skin tissue can cause physical fatigue.

What Happens During a Session?

In general, the duration of care is 30 minutes, rarely one hour. But in fact, everything depends on pathologies: a recent operation of a shoulder involves a session of 30 minutes. On the other hand, for neurological conditions, the session can last one hour.

What Results Can We Expect and After How Long?

Ah, here too, everything depends on pathologies! For example, a patient may gain in the range of motion, or even in muscle and joint relaxation. Muscle relaxation is also favored since the water is at a temperature of 34 °, a temperature lower than an inflammatory joint.

And of course, depending on the exercises are performed, always according to the pathologies, we note a muscle strengthening.

Finally, we get relaxation and psychological appeasement with the massage performed by the contact of water on the skin. The hydro massage with jets acts on specific areas. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center warns; avoid staying more than 5 minutes on these areas because the effect would be contrary.

To sum up, we can say that patients become actors in their rehabilitation and the physiotherapist masseur is there to supervise and correct the given exercises.