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The Year of the Camel: 5 Amazing Products from the Arab World

What’s delicious, popular, and oh-so-healthy? This year, the trophy went to camel milk as a product that embodies so much of what we are passionate about – it’s crazy nutritious and 100% organic (healthier than all other types of animal milk, experts say), but also of refined taste and unique scent.

But there are other camel products worth mentioning.

From a new breed of cappuccino to bizarre decor, these are the 5 most amazing camel products..

  1. Camelccino

With camel milk being the most popular of all camel products available in the UAE and beyond, it’s no wonder at all that camelccino – a camel milk-based alternative to flavored coffee – is catching some steam as well. And like cappuccino and the likes, this specialty comes in hot and iced variants. You can also enjoy a camel milkshake, camellate, or a chocolate, almond, and pistachio camel muffin.

  1. Chocolate

Speaking of sweet delights, a few of Dubai-based confection artists are already busy making camel-milk based chocolate. Traditional chocolate bars, molded from cocoa and infused with camel milk, were a hit last year, same as pralines. Still, most gastro-nomads recommend so-called camel caravans, which are rows of minute camel-shaped chocolates filled with honey and macadamia nuts.

  1. Camel Meat

Whatever your favorite meat dish is, you can bet it comes in a camel variant too. Camel meat is a popular choice of street foodies in Dubai, where it can be found in salamis, hot dogs, fajitas, and burgers. Exclusive restaurants have their own takes on this national specialty, of course, with enticing meat dishes being cooked from the camel hump and dressed with truffle mayonnaise and chickpeas.

  1. Cosmetics

Being so rich with antioxidants, camel milk help moisturize the skin from within while preventing the formation of harmful free radicals at the same time. It’s also antiallergenic, which makes it great for sensitive skin. Weather as a soap or as a moisturizing cream, the camel-based beauty products reverse fine lines and other signs of premature aging, but also make the skin plumper and smoother.

  1. Ornaments

Camel’s bone is well known to both interior designers and jewelry makers. For the longest time, it has been an exotic symbol of prestige throughout the world, especially when intricately carved and painstakingly handcrafted. A similar value is put on camel’s teeth, which are typically used for creating tribal jewelry. Needless to say, ornaments made from real camel bone are usually expensive.

There’s a plenty of practical, gorgeous, and artistically crafted camel products for you to choose from, but still, nothing beats good old camel milk. Recently declared as the next big superfood, this yummy nutritious product will certainly continue to overshadow all other cool camel products in the future.