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Tips To Lose 10 Pounds Weight in One Month

Today we all have a hectic life. Long office hours, sitting in front of computers continuously, eating junk food with no time to cook food and no time for exercise, all this gives rise to weight gain. With those extra pounds come various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and what not.

Thus, it becomes extremely important to control weight at the right time. With a spirit of commitment, it is not very difficult to lose weight. But if you are unsure how to go for the weight loss program, following are some tips to help you lose up to 10 Pounds in one month.

  • Cut Your Calories: The calorie intake required for a human body is fixed, based on your height, weight, age and gender. But we tend to eat way more calories than required. Cutting down on the calorie intake will help you a lot. Even if you eat about 700-800 calories fewer daily, you are good to go.
  • Drink Lots Of Water: We do not hydrate our body well. Water is necessary for our body to dissolve the acids generated from the food we eat. If those acids are not dissolved, they saturate and cause weight gain.
  • Avoid Processed Food: Processed foods are full of unwanted carbs and use lots of preservatives, which are not good for our health. Instead, eat fresh fruits and home cooked food. It is always a very good and healthy option.

  • Exercise: There is no alternative to exercise. Whether it’s jogging or brisk walk, gym, swimming or cycling, exercise for a minimum 45 minutes is a must. Exercise helps burn calories, thus accelerating our weight loss.
  • Eat Protein-Rich Diet: Proteins are a blessing for our body. Eating foods high in proteins makes us feel full and reduces our appetite. Kick start your day with a protein-rich breakfast and you will be set for the day. Eggs, oats, green vegetables, yogurt, soya are all rich in proteins.
  • Journaling Your Food Intake: Usually, we eat too much unwanted food without even realising. A bit of junk here, some aerated drink there and all your efforts to lose weight will be undone. So journaling food intake will help you keep a check on unwanted stuff.

If you too have decided to lose weight and become healthy, these simple tips are sure to help you. And yes, don’t forget that commitment is extremely important weapon for losing weight-loss.