Can vaping really help people relieve themselves of anxiety?

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Although vaping has been around since centuries, it has gained enough momentum lately, within the last few decades. While there are several sources which claim that vaping has a better impact on your health than smoking, is there enough evidence and proof to support this claim? Did you know that there are several who vape to subside their level of anxiety? In fact, this is a method which has become common due to the fact that smokers believe that nicotine can relieve someone from anxiety. But does this belief really hold true?

If you’re an anxious soul and you feel intrigued about the effects of vaping on relieving anxiety, before you book your vape pen from online resources like, read on the concerns of this post to know more on whether or not they actually help in relieving you of anxiety.

If nicotine doesn’t help with anxiety how does vaping?

It is still not understood how nicotine causes panic disorders and anxiety. The present theories have to do a lot with other chemicals like carcinogens and carbon monoxide in a cigarette. These chemicals are known to cause respiratory disorders which can trigger panic attacks and anxiety and they’re also related to suffocative feelings and shortness of breath. Nicotine is the element which plays the role of a stimulant and the tobacco smoke induces resistance in airway and leads to other respiratory issues. Tobacco, at the same time, can cause sleep issues which can lead to stress. Since there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, vaping doesn’t lead to all such issues. Moreover, there’s no such evidence of vaping giving birth to anxiety.

Vaping – Does it help cure depression?

Well, vaping and depression usually goes hand in hand but that isn’t due to the fact that one leads to another or one is the treatment of the other. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are twice more likely to smoke. They believe in the myth that nicotine reduces stress and helps them feel better. For this reason also, anxiety and depression sufferers are more vulnerable to begin vaping as they wish to quit smoking.

Researchers from a survey researched on American smoking habits and they found that around 15% of the respondents who were suffering from disorders in mental health have tried vaping. Only 6.8% of people who didn’t suffer from mental disorders also did the same.

Therefore, if you really think vaping can reduce anxiety and stress, you should continue with it but if you’re not a smoker and you’ve taken to vaping, this is something you should stop doing.